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His name is Mychal Moultry Jr.

Image: PV Bella

His name is Mychal Moultry Jr. He was four years old. He was murdered.

Friday night, he was sleeping in his bed when bullets fired from the street came through a window, one entering his head. He was taken to the hospital, where he was placed on life support. He died Sunday. Another child victim of the 2021 Summer Olympics of Violence.

How many infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults, and elderly must die before this callous pitiless city says enough is enough? By Tuesday, Mychal Moultry Jr. will be just another dry statistic. Only his family will remember, grieve and mourn.

On Tuesday, Superintendent David Brown will hold a presser with friendly reporters. He will develop another failing plan, retooling, or whatever new word he comes up with. All he does is come up short.

The friendly news media will ask Mayor Lori Lightfoot softball questions about the weekend violence. By Tuesday evening, poof, the violent weekend will be forgotten, vanished, gone. The news media can go back to providing clickbait. The editorial boards will write their flakey, puff pastry editorials about nothing burgers.

Why are we wasting tax dollars on the mayor’s security detail when she has the best bodyguards in the city, the Chicago news media? They have her six, twelve, three, and nine.

There was a time in this city when the editorial boards and columnists would write scathing pieces about this level of violence. They were fearless and relentless. That time is long past. Outrage is passe. Relentless and fearless are antediluvian as the dodo bird. They must play nice so that they can get a cookie.

Where are all those publicity-seeking, fundraising activists and tens or hundreds of thousands of their zombie allies? Don’t children’s lives matter? There should have been a daily peaceful mass protests after the 4th of July weekend of violence.

Where are you, the citizens, paying the price of this violence in tax dollars and bloodshed? Where is your outrage at this vast municipal failure?

Who is in charge of this city? My money is on the criminals. They are winning.

The only people speaking for the dead are the street cops and detectives. Their leader is out to lunch. The mayor is too busy trying to prove she is right all the time. State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and the elected and appointed judges are doing what the Machine boss Toni Preckwinkle wants them to do, nothing. The alderpersons? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Over every ten minutes, a victim is shot and killed in Chicago. Almost every two minutes, a victim is shot and wounded. (HeyJackass) People are being robbed, carjacked, beaten, and violated regularly. It is getting worse every day. There is no safe.

There is no justice in Chicago. Lady Justice took a look around this junkyard, packed her bags, and sped out of Dodge. The door was not fast enough to hit her in the arse on the way out.

Our elected officials are epically failing us. The silence of the public and the news media is deafening.

Let Streets and San miss a garbage pick up, and the citizens will be up in arms. Potholes get more media attention than murders. Streetlights out? 311 and 911 get lit up with calls. After the first snowfall, dibs will be front-page news with photos, along with comedic columns for and against it. Children get murdered, meh.

Politicians constantly flap their soup coolers about Chicago values. Chicago has no values. Chicago is a cold, pitiless, heartless, amoral city. Chicago makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like paradise.

His name is Mychal Moultry Jr. He was four years old. He was murdered. No one cares. No one will remember his name. No one will speak for him. His life didn’t matter.

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