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No Black Friday for me

Image: PV Bella

I never understood Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving shopping orgy. It is a nation of unenlightened halfwits, buying crap they do not need with money they do not have at supposed sale prices, loading themselves up with credit card debt for no good reason. Consumption is the American pastime. The only American value is buying things people do not need just because it is supposedly cheap.

Before dawn, people get to the big box stores and malls to stand or sit in line in the cold, waiting for the stores to open. Some bring tents or heaters. When the doors open, they run into the stores like packs of pissed-off predators. Sometimes the charge resembles the running of the bulls in Spain. Fights break out over merchandise. Then after waiting to get in the store, battling to fill their carts, people wait in long lines to check out. I just do not get it. What is the appeal?

It is hard to tell if people are buying gifts for others or more junk for themselves. They get the bigger TV than the one they bought last year or some other electronics with minor upgrades. They buy toys for the kiddies and all kinds of other stuff. They think they are getting a deal when they are really getting the shaft. Americans are easily conned. Just look at the pathetic people they vote for.

Look, most of these people spend almost every weekend at the mall. Why is Black Friday so special? Why would they spend what they do not have on sales that are anything but in one day? Then store all that junk so they could do it all over the next year.

Then there is Cyber Monday, when the non-thinking schlubs can shop for supposed online bargains. The only difference between these two days is people cannot participate in America’s second pastime, stuffing their maws with junk food at the malls. Instead of corn dogs, funnel cakes, and ice cream, they are stuck with the leftover turkey and dressing.

What drives this insatiable urge to shop until you drop, spend money you do not have on stuff that will become junk when the next sale crops up? Consumerism is not the only American pastime. Storing or getting rid of junk from the last sale runs parallel to buying. It is like a never-ending cycle.

I never participated in these Black Friday sales. I hate waiting in long lines. I will not wait in a long line to get in a store or to cash out. I hate crowds, especially crowds of halfwits with their halfwit spouses and their hellspawn. I do not need or want anything so badly that I will put up with or must fight over stuff. I hate traffic jams in shopping areas and parking lots.

I buy my gifts throughout the year, in person or online. One by one. I put them away until it is time to wrap them. I do not buy electronic junk or any other popular crap that entices the unenlightened morons.

While the mentally deficient are out all day today, waiting in lines and shopping, I am home, eating delicious leftovers for lunch. Most of my shopping is finished anyway.

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