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Oh the inhumanity

Last updated on May 19, 2022

Image: PV Bella

 “I don’t give a single f—k about ever coming back to work here. “I’m going to go in to say hello and meet everyone since I haven’t since I started and then sending in my resignation when I get home,” the employee wrote. “I already know I won’t be able to deal with the commute and sitting around for 8 hours.” (UNK Apple Employee/NYP)

Some Apple employees have their tighty-whities in a wedgy over returning to in-person work three days a week instead of exclusively working remotely. Employees believe this is a push to return to a whole week of in-office work.

“At [Apple], it is practically impossible to transfer to remote,” one Apple employee said on Blind. “All other companies … including [Google] are allowing people to [work] remote and posting remote positions. The worst thing is that [Apple] does not give a sensible reason — they just gaslight you.” (NY Post)

One AI executive, Ian Goodfellow, informed fellow employees through an online message that he was quitting. “I’m leaving for many reasons … but Apple’s return to office policy is the biggest single reason.” (Ian Goodfellow/NYP)

Boohoo. Goodfellow is quitting work because he must go to work. Oh, the inhumanity! If Goodman does not need to be in the office, his job is unnecessary. Or this is what is meant by Artificial Intelligence.

People have been working from home for two years during the COVID pandemic. Now, many companies are demanding employees return to their offices either part or full time. Other companies realized remote work was as effective as in-office. They are shrinking their office footprints, saving money in the process.

My question is, since when do employees determine where they work? Who put them in charge? Who made them the decision-makers? Too many people lost the difference between employer and employee, especially younger workers. The employer sets the policies and procedures. The employees follow them. That is the way it works.

If the Karens and Kens do not like it, they can and should quit. But what will they do the next time an employer asks them to do something they do not want to do, like show up? How many jobs will they quit? Maybe they like working as baristas pouring coffee for people on their way to work.

Work is exchanging time, talent, and effort for wages. It is nothing more. Apple employees are some of the most pampered workers in the country. Their campus is a wonder of architecture. Who would not want to work there? Whiny little Karens and Kens, that’s who.

Apple Karens and Kens are not the only workers in the tech field who do not want to return to the workplace. Other companies are facing pushback.  

I have no pity or mercy for these whiny younger workers. They will never be a great generation. They do not want to follow the rules. They want to make them. If they are so into rulemaking, they should start their own companies. They can make the rules and hope their employees do not rebel over the silliness, like showing up or producing.

Just because the technology allows employees to work remotely does not mean they have an exclusive right to. Employers have a right to determine where the workplace is. Apple says it is at their campus, whether it is three days a week or five.

These young people should be called Generation S, S for silly. Generation Silly will never achieve anything except awards for whining. They are wastes of oxygen. They are useless people whose goal in life is to get their way. They never grew out of the Terrible Two stage of life. They complain, shout, demand, pout, pound their chubby fists, stomp their feet, and expect respect.

That is never ever going to happen. Never ever is a very, very long time.

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