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Cappleman the cruel again

Cappleman the Cruel

In response to the latest fire, Cappleman is continuing to ask the city to use “evidence-based, best practices that [have] a compassionate approach to addressing encampments while also focusing on producing results of removing encampments from areas that can prove to be dangerous to both those experiencing homelessness and other residents in the area,” said Maggie Gaecke, Cappleman’s chief of staff. (Block Club Chicago/Emphasis mine)

James Cappleman is waging his years-long war against the homeless camps in his ward. He wants them gone. The recent fires- of undetermined nature– have fueled his hatred of the homeless population. Another fire tore through the underpass at Lawrence Avenue and DuSable Lake Shore Drive encampment last week.

With gentrification in full swing and new developments near the lakefront, Cappleman wants the blight of homelessness removed. It is a good bet those developers and the landlords are not happy about their high rent-paying tenants and condo owners seeing homeless camps.

First, there are no “evidence-based” best practices regarding homelessness. “Evidence-based” is propaganda. It is used to convince citizens there exist peer-reviewed studies that prove “evidence-based practices” work. It gives academic cachet to bull droppings. If there were “evidence-based” solutions, there would not be so many homeless people in our major cities.

Cappleman has no solutions except get rid of the homeless- the Final Solution. Out of sight, out of mind. The park and lakefront belong to the residents and incoming gentry in Uptown. Cappleman thinks he is smarter, cleverer, slyer, and sneakier than anyone else.

Lightfoot’s office is said to be considering actions including forming a task force to look at the issue of incendiary devices like propane tanks in tent cities and considering an ordinance that would fine those giving propane to encampment residents, Cappleman previously said. (Block Club Chicago)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot might be caving into Cappleman’s cruelty by proposing an ordinance to fine people donating propane to the homeless camp. There is no indication propane caused the fires. Once again, the fires were deemed undetermined. How about if she refuses any zoning changes, demolition permits, and building permits in Uptown until extensive multi-disciplinary services and transitional housing are built. Why not offer some of the homeless city or Chicago Park District jobs?

Cappleman has no credibility on homeless issues in the park, lakefront, or the city. From day one, he wanted the homeless gone from the lakefront park. Now, with more gentrified redevelopment, he wants them gone yesterday. He will do or say anything to rid what he considers human blight from HIS lakefront and parks.

There are larger homeless camps in Chicago. There is a mega camp just south and west of the Loop. None of the other alderpersons are so adamant about removing those camps. None are getting their mugs in the news like Cappleman. None are trying to stop compassionate citizens from helping the homeless. Only Cappleman is against them. Only Cappleman is the expert. Only Cappleman is the legend in his own mind.

Some people from all walks of life go to the camps and other areas where the homeless live to provide food, toiletries, and medical/dental /mental health services to the homeless. They are heroes. They are compassionate. Others, some with means, contribute money or goods to their causes. If it were up to Cappleman, he would ban these activities as they supposedly encourage homelessness.

Cappleman has no humanity. One could question if he is even f**king human.

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