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Lightfoot suffers from foot in mouth disease

Image: UNK

“Another day, another man who thinks he can do this job better than me,” Lightfoot said. (Chicago Tribune)

Southside alderman Rodrick Sawyer threw his hat in the ring to run for mayor of Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked about his candidacy. She made the above comment.

It is apparent that Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a sexist, misandrist, and far from woke. Her toxic femininity was on full display. She suffers from foot in mouth disease, a condition unique to Chicago politicians. There is no cure or vaccine. Social distancing and masking will not prevent it.

Geez, does this mayor think before she flaps her soup coolers? What era is she living in? Do we need a men’s liberation movement to fight off female supremacy and matriarchy? By the way, if she has the biggest d**k in Chicago, what is her actual gender?

Why can she insult males and get away with it? Why didn’t the media scorch her over that comment? Oh, yeah, they are the PR weasels for City Hall. Lightfoot can do no wrong. She is a “historic” mayor. She must be protected, even from herself.

Maybe someone should tell Lightfoot that anyone, man, woman, or whatever gender, can do a better job than her. She is an abject failure. If you look up disaster in the dictionary, Lightfoot would be the first definition.

There is no public safety in Chicago. Every neighborhood has the potential for violence and death. Every one of us is a potential victim. City finances are a mess. City employee pensions are in trouble. The schools are a mess. Over the past two years, parents pulled 25,000 students out of the Chicago Public School System. The only thing that helped Chicago was the COVID bailouts. Nothing is working in Chicago. Not one damn thing.

Lightfoot has no solutions. She has no allies. Her supposed coalition in the City Council is fragile. She does not know how to play well with others. Lightfoot, unlike other mayors, has no power or power base. Lightfoot is all about Lightfoot.

She does not care about the city, the people, the City Council, or anything else. After Lightfoot, everyone else comes first. She is isolated, contemptible, and combative. Making friends and influencing people is not in her wheelhouse.

The business community is not happy. The unions are not happy. The people are not happy. No one is happy in Lightfoot’s Summer of Joy except the criminals. They are getting away with murder and mayhem.

Lightfoot did more damage to Chicago in a few years than Richie Daley did in two decades. Chicago is in a downhill slide on a greased anvil. Lightfoot is like Wiley Coyote being hung by her own Acme petards.

So far, Alderman Ray Lopez, businessman Willie Wilson, Paul Vallas, and Illinois State Representative, Kam Buckner, have announced they are running for mayor. All of them are men. Evidently, Lightfoot hates men. Maybe in our woke times, male hatred in politics is acceptable and appropriate.

If anyone of them lands a whale or two contributors, Lightfoot is toast. Her campaign war chest is small for someone who wants to continue in the job she is failing at. She travels the country begging for money because the Chicago money is not coming her way.

Lori Lightfoot is like Godzilla. She destroyed Chicago.

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