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Lori Lightfoot did it again


“We shouldn’t be locking up nonviolent individuals just because they can’t afford to pay bail. But, given the exacting standards that the state’s attorney has for charging a case, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, when those charges are brought, these people are guilty,” Lightfoot said. (Chicago Tribune)

Lori Lightfoot is a candidate to join the Politicians of Walmart(POWs). Geez, a statement like that coming from an attorney and former federal prosecutor is beyond dumb. It is mind-boggling.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot does not think before she speaks, a symptom of Foot in Mouth Disease. She embarrassed herself and gave the people backing the failing criminal justice reform policies more ammunition to push their irresponsible agenda.

Lightfoot lost what little credibility she had over public safety. She is now a walking talking joke. How can she be taken seriously?

Lightfoot is supposed to announce her reelection bid this week. She should reconsider. Everyone I talk to is disgusted with her. Many say f**k Lightfoot when her name is mentioned.

Since May 27, when Lightfoot announced the Summer of Joy, 126 people have been shot. 103 were wounded, and 23 were shot and killed. Year to date, 1291 people have been shot. 240 were shot and killed. (HeyJackass*) Some joy. Chicago has the distinction of being the nation’s largest shooting gallery.

The so-called criminal justice reform policies are failing. Kim Foxx’s over “exacting” charging policies are failing. The court system is failing. Lightfoot is right to call those failures out. It should be done intelligently, not by a blatant ignorant statement. She threw red meat at those promoting these failing policies. She turned wrong into right by shooting from the lip.

The real issue plaguing Chicago is terrible policies based on unproven theories. Many theoretical policy ideas sound good, fair, equitable, warm, fuzzy, and cozy. Theories do not necessarily translate into workable policy. In the case of supposed criminal justice reform, the theories are not working. The public is not safe. People are being victimized and killed in every neighborhood in the city.

Cook County is responsible for the prosecution and trials of criminals. Cook County government is failing the people of Chicago. Elected officials know that the average person/voter does not know how the criminal justice system is supposed to work. They play off that ignorance to keep failing policies in place.

The police are the only part of the criminal justice system that is working. Contrary to what Kim Foxx claims, the police are not her partners. Partnership is a two-way street. Kim Foxx is a one-way dead-end street.

It is past time to end these supposed reforms. They are failing. They were based on unproven theories. If something is not working, intelligent people make corrections. Politicians rarely make corrections.

The Summer of Joy is just beginning. The number of people becoming victims of various violent crimes will rise drastically with the heat. Lori Lightfoot is floundering in the public safety area. Making dumb comments further damages her credibility and does not inspire confidence in her leadership.

*HeyJackass is the most accurate site for violent crime data. Their figures change as they receive new data.

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