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Darren Bailey insults Chicago again


“Our legislators are going soft on criminals to the point that they’ve made Chicago a hellhole, friends,” Bailey, who is challenging first-term Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, told an audience of several hundred people at the director’s lawn at the state fairgrounds…

“Chicago, that once great city, well it didn’t become a hellhole just because of (Mayor) Lori Lightfoot and (Cook County State’s Attorney) Kim Foxx. Starting with J.B. Pritzker, our leaders are all in cahoots. They’re knee-deep in corruption. And they don’t care about the working people like you and I. They’ve proven that,” Bailey said. (Chicago Tribune)

Darren Bailey keeps besmirching Chicago, even when he does not know what he is talking about. He does not live here. He knows nothing about Chicago or urban issues. Bailey knows nothing about the criminal justice system. He knows nothing about governance or even “Civics for Dummies.” Illinois governors do not have the power Bailey claims he will wield to tackle Chicago’s issues.

What does Bailey know about urban working people? I know for a fact we are not like him, a millionaire farmer and businessman,

Cahoots? Corruption? Is he accusing Governor Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot of crimes or being part of a political criminal enterprise? Bailey is knee-deep in livestock droppings. He is a legend in his own mind, a hero of a kingdom that does not exist. Governor Pritzker has never been accused of being corrupt or in “cahoots” with anyone. Well, there was that embarrassing toilet scandal, but Pritzker did the right thing and paid the taxes owed. It was not criminal.

Bailey believes he can change Chicago by waving his hands with his staff in one hand and a Bible in the other. He does not realize the Great Comedian took off on vacation on the seventh day and has not come back. He left us to fend for ourselves.

“Asked by reporters later Thursday if he thought Chicago residents believed they lived in a hellhole, Bailey said, “I believe they do because it’s unsafe. But it’s going to change. Chicagoans deserve better. I call it out, friends, and you know that.” (Chicago Tribune)

I do not know any Chicagoans who “believe” they live in a hellhole. How is Bailey going to change what does not exist? Bailey’s ego is so big that the only reason he does not walk on water is he doesn’t want to get his s**t kickers wet.

Chicago is still a great city. Yes, it has some intractable issues that were over a century in the making. So do other great cities. But how does a candidate who knows nothing about urban problems going to solve anything? Chicago faced crises in the past, and we will overcome the current public safety crisis. We live here. Bailey does not. He lives in a postage stamp-sized medieval village.

Darren Bailey is the worst gubernatorial candidate from either party in my voting lifetime. I do not remember a candidate that was so ignorant and unlearned. Bailey makes stuff up as he goes along. His horse manure might fertilize the minds of downstate voters, but intelligent people know the difference between s**t and Shinola.

Darren Bailey is an extremist theocrat, a White Christian Nationalist. He made an anti-Semitic comment comparing abortion to the Holocaust. He claimed rabbis verified his claim, though he did not name them or their congregations.

After the 4th of July mass shooting and murders in Highland Park, Bailey gayly said people should just set it aside and celebrate the nation’s founding. Bailey’s freedumb loving patriotism has no compassion, sympathy, or empathy. The man is devoid of human feelings. Hell, he may not even be human. He should provide a DNA test to prove it.

Darren Bailey refuses to release his income taxes. He is a supposed millionaire farmer and a businessman. What is Bailey hiding? What is he afraid of? Who is he in cahoots with? Bailey is a freedumb lover, so he will do nothing he is not required to because, you know, freedumb.

Bailey and Pritzker agreed to two televised debates. Pritzker is going to eat Bailey alive and wipe the floor with him. Bailey will have to polish his stand-up comic skills because he is a grim joke. A cheap hustler, a charlatan, and a fraud. He will prove it during the debates.

Bailey’s chances of winning the election are slim to none, and Slim left Illinois, joining the Great Comedian on an island beach somewhere. Even if Slim returned, Bailey is still going headfirst into a buzz saw. When he loses, Bailey can go back home and pretend to be some heroic freedumb fighting, rootin, tootin, shooting, som of a gum patriotic hero wrapped in Old Glory, the Stars and Bars, or maybe both.

Make-believe is a beautiful thing.

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