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Dumb, dumber, and dumbest


At least two people were shot in separate incidents in the Loop as revelers filled Chicago’s downtown area to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. At times, members of the crowd overwhelmed Chicago police, threw bottles and other objects at officers, and even tried to pull some cops from their patrol cars. (CWBChicago)

Videos uploaded to the Citizen App showed people climbing on top of a CTA bus to wave Mexican flags. A sports car caught on fire outside the Roosevelt Red Line station while other souped-up vehicles spun donuts in downtown intersections.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Summer of Joy quickly turned into her Fall of Folly. Her plan to control the unsanctioned Mexican Independence Day “celebrations” failed worse than it did last year. The revelers even shut down DuSable Lake Shore Drive to race, do donuts, and shoot off fireworks.

Lightfoot failed again. She should have either planned a downtown parade or shut down all access to the downtown area. She knew full well her grand idea would be a failure, yet she persisted.


Image: PV Bella

Superintendent David “Tex” Brown never fails to surprise and always surprises with his failures. His latest plan, strategy, deployment, scheme, scam, or outright lie is not only mind-boggling, but ridiculous. Chicago Police will employ spike strips that destroy tires, to curb drivers doing donuts on our streets, blocking off traffic and emergency services, and posing a danger to all. The policies for employing the spike strips virtually prohibit the police from employing them. Worse, the spike strips are not for urban streets or the donut racers. Great, waste of taxpayer money to purchase the equipment you are virtually making it almost impossible to employ, and looking foolish simultaneously. This article lays out Brown’s idiocy.


“Democratic politicians including Lightfoot, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker have vowed to welcome the migrants and provide a full range of services to meet their immediate needs.”

“Well, until they actually showed up. Then Mayor Lightfoot shipped them somewhere else without warning.” (Darren Bailey)

Darren Bailey, the gift that keeps on giving, and supposed Christian Warrior man of the people who is living in the lap of luxury in the former Hancock building, is not only the dumbest goobernatorial candidate to run for office in modern history, but he is a candidate for the dumbest supposed human in Illinois. (The jury is out over Bailey being human or possessing any shred of humanity)

Yeah, Lightfoot or her people could not find a few minutes to give a heads-up to the suburban mayors. It was a dumb boneheaded move on her part. But she made many dumb boneheaded moves while in office, so what else is new?

Bailey claims and preaches he is a Christian. He reads scriptures during his morning campaign videos. So, let’s see what kind of Christian he really is. The next and future bus load(s) of immigrants to hit Chicago should be rerouted to Clay County, where Xenia, Baley’s home village is.

The immigrants can be dropped off at the entrance to Bailey’s thousands of acres of farmland. We will see how devout Bailey and his local mackerel-snapping Christians are in practicing Jesus’s message of hunanity.

Let’s see if Bailey, his villagers, and other community members will embrace and help or shun the immigrants, proving their epic Christian hypocrisy.

Will they be good Samaritans or bigots like Darren Bailey? The state could and should provide a State Police escort to ensure the immigrants are delivered to Bailey’s farm. If the drivers refuse, the city or state should tow and impound the buses. Let Arizona and Texas figure out how to get them back from the auto pound in one piece.

Maybe Bailey and his villagers can find some scripture to deny mercy, kindness, succor, and love of his fellow human beings. Maybe somewhere in his patriotic Bible, there is a verse that kindness is strictly reserved for citizens of the Good Ole U.S. of A, except the homeless, poor, elderly, veterans, and sick, who Bailey and his ilk would deny help.

When Bailey loses the election for governor, I am sure Xenia will welcome their village idiot home with open arms. They may even hold a clown parade with fools, jesters, and animal acts. They can have a tractor parade and a twenty-one gun salute for their local loser.

Speaking of bussing, I have another one of my modest proposals. Predictions are this winter will be brutal. Mayor Lightfoot should start preparing now. She should get the religious, business, corporate, millionaire, and billionaire community together to raise millions of dollars to help our massive homeless population survive the winter since the city is doing little to nothing to help them, just like they are doing little or nothing for public safety.

I propose before winter sets in, the homeless be given round-trip bus tickets to various cities in Florida, especially the beach cities. Their possessions could be inventoried and placed in secure storage until they return. They should be given gift debit cards with enough money to set up camps and buy provisions to carry them over through the winter on Florida’s beaches, parks, and other open spaces. Miami, Tampa, Daytona, Palm Beach, St Pete’s, Orlando. Jacksonville and other tourist cities should be targeted to help the homeless survive winter.

Some busloads can arrive in front of wherever Governor Ron DeSantis lives to set up camps. They could take over golf courses, even Mar-a-Lago. Golf is a useless leisure activity for lazy people who like to dress funny and try to put their little balls in bigger holes. Croquette, badminton, and ping-pong require more skill and athleticism than golf.

The homeless would live in a warm climate through the winter. They could return to Chicago in the spring. Maybe by then, this city of failure and folly can figure out a better solution to help people in dire need instead of major developers constructing ugly buildings and their private suburban-style highrise neighborhoods for people from somewhere else.

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