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More Brown follies


It did not take long for another lie by Chicago Superintendent of Police. David Brown got caught telling another whopper. If Brown gets better at this, he could be a Chicago politician. This week Brown claimed he would not cancel officers’ days off over the Labor Day weekend.

After Brown made his claim on Monday, CWBChicago reported that CPD had already distributed two “weekend cancellation matrix” spreadsheets that showed officers would have days off canceled for Labor Day and other major holidays, including Christmas. (CWBChicago)

Then there is this:

Brown’s backtrack on Tuesday afternoon came in a written statement in which he outlined “safeguards” to “ensure [officers] have time to rest and re-energize.”

But, the statement only promises to give cops two consecutive days off once every 13 weeks. (CWBChicag0)

Superintendent David Brown has been abusing his police officers mercilessly. He does not care about their health and welfare, which is the highest responsibility a leader has. Brown is no leader. He is a petty tyrant. Brown has no sense of decency.

Brown and all the exempt command staff must work their days off (Saturdays and Sundays) every time officer time off is canceled. If the officers are suffering, the command staff and their families should suffer too. The whole idea of rank has its privilege should be tossed aside. Leaders should lead by example. Funny how our local news media editorial boards did not think of this.

If Brown lied about this, how many more lies has he fed the gullible Chicago news media and the public over his reign? It cannot be repeated enough. Brown is incompetent, should have been fired long ago, and should be fired now before things worsen.

Where are the alderpersons? They should be furious with Brown and Mayor Lightfoot. They should demand that Lightfoot fire Brown. The police officers and we are their constituents. We are paying the price for Brown’s failures and lies. Yet, most aldermen do not care about their constituents or public safety.

In another inept, poorly thought-out plan, strategy, deployment, whatever, Brown laid out how he will stop drifting, the shutting down of intersections for street racing.

“If they don’t have their cars, we don’t have this problem,” Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said. “So our efforts all culminate to do one thing. We’re focused on taking the cars that are drag racing and drifting in Chicago such that they can’t do it again.” (ABC 7 Chicago)

His dim idea is to have police with other city agencies intervene with salt trucks, and tow trucks task force style to break up the events and tow the cars involved. Past efforts by police to break up the races led to police cars being damaged, violent encounters, and officers injured.

If the bystanders and racers are willing to attack police vehicles and officers, what will stop them from attacking tow and other truck drivers? He should lead the task force in person. He should be on the street with the task force. Make him face the mobs leading from the front, instead of being a chairborne commando.

We are going from Mayor Lightfoot’s Summer of Joy to David Browns Fall of Folly.

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