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Darren Bailey is a know nothing

Image: Ill. General Assembly/Altered by PV Bella

“As the new polling suggests, Griffin’s designs on installing the mayor of Illinois’ second-largest city in the Executive Mansion may be on the verge of getting chewed up and spit out like wheat chaff by a Bible-quoting archconservative who has driven a combine for a living.” (WBEZ)

I was born in Chicago. I live here. I spent almost 30 years driving around in square circles serving and protecting this city. Chicago has its problems. We always solved them one way or another, though sometimes not in a timely fashion. I know this city and how it works. I can criticize it all I want because of my experience and knowledge.

I do not identify as a Democrat or Republican, conservative, or liberal. I refuse to become a member of a “religious” cult. How I vote in a primary has no relation to how I vote in a general election.

I will not tolerate ignorant know-nothings from someplace else insulting or trashing my city. GOP gubernatorial candidate, Darren Bailey, is a know-nothing. He foolishly believes he will win the GOP primary and then defeat Governor Pritzker. I do not tolerate fools either.

Bailey comes from a place no one outside his county had ever heard of, the tiny village of Xenia, Illinois. Bailey is a farmer, rural businessman, and member of the Illinois legislature. He knows nothing about urban affairs or policies. He knows nothing about Chicago. Bailey knows nothing about governing.

His only claims to fame were proposing Illinois secede from Chicago and getting a mask mandate lifted that only applied to him. Those are some bragging rights.

“Let’s call it like it is. Let’s think about Chicago: a crime-ridden, corrupt, dysfunctional hellhole, and no one knows that better than the friends and the people that live in Chicago,” Bailey said. “Something’s wrong. City leaders, they hate the police. At least they act like they do…. “I would have been there in person and then the Illinois National Guard and the state police would have been with me. … We must restore confidence.” (Sun-Times)

Bailey thinks he will march into Chicago with the National Guard and the State Police to solve Chicago’s crime problems and “restore confidence.” Maybe he and his band of troopers and guardsmen can wear armbands with catchy logos carrying banners while marching.

Thinking is not Bailey’s forte. Bailey knows nothing about the criminal justice system. He is one of a long list of people who DO NOT KNOW HOW THINGS WORK. Bailey should stay in his tiny village and finish his term as the village idiot.

If Bailey does win the GOP primary, he will not win the general election. He will get slaughtered. If Bailey debates Pritzker, he will look like a bumpkin. Bailey has no policy issues or solutions. He has no substantial track record in the state legislature. Bailey has nothing to offer. All he has is hot air that appeals to people like him, know-nothings.

“If they literally have enough of this like I’m hearing they are, they’re going to have to show up and vote in someone who’s been standing up and who will have the backs of the police officers-that would be me… So yes, I think my conservative values will resonate with the people of Chicago and I think that the fact that I’ve been standing up for the people will ultimately, I believe, win the day. (Fox 32)

Who is this “they” Bailey is talking about? How will he have the backs of Chicago police officers from Springfield or Xenia? Conservative values? There are no such things as conservative or liberal values. Values are personal. Politics is not a religion. Neither are the theories of conservatism or liberalism.

Bailey is a dangerous demagogue peddling horse droppings. Oh, and Baily worships at the altar of his Supreme Being, Donald Trump, another Chicago hater. Baily is some Christian, worshipping at the altar of a false idol, a Golden Ass.