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Protect your tools

Image: PV Bella

Taking away words and subjects and ideas from writers was like taking away tools from carpenters. (Mike Royko/Chicago Tribune)

Taking away words and subjects and ideas from writers was like taking away tools from carpenters. (Mike Royko/Chicago Tribune)

You can substitute any artist for writers, especially comedians, humorists, satirists, political cartoonists, or columnists. Freedom of speech and expression is under continuing attack from all sides, even from those syphilitic parasitic politicians.

There has been an ongoing war over the freedoms of the press and expression. It is being waged across the political spectrum. The extreme right and left are the fiercest combatants. The battles are over who can express, what can be expressed, and what or who should be banned.

Make no mistake, some politicians want to do away with the First Amendment. They want it to only apply to them. A member of the Freedumb Caucus, Marjorie Taylor Greene, reported Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police for the crime of making her the butt of a joke.

The LBGQT+ community and activists of all races, ethnicities, and religions are on the warpath against humor. The allied mobs will try to destroy anyone who “offends” them.

Being offended is a choice. No one else is responsible for choices made by others. Groups- communities- act like biker gangs regarding their chosen manufactured grievance(s). If you offend one community, you offend them all, and they all will pile on.

Comedians John Stewart and Dave Chappelle, recipients of the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, were interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel about the state and plight of comedy. John Stewart ended the interview by stating, “Make jokes funny again.”

The problem is the Manufactured Alliance Grievance Industrial Complex (MAGIC). MAGIC is destroying comedy, humor, and satire. Members of MAGIC span the political spectrum from the radical left to the extremist right. If MAGIC succeeds in destroying humor, the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor will become obsolete.

Everyone is offended or is supposed to be offended these days. Soon MAGIC will suck all the joy out of comedy, humor, and satire. We will be a boring, humorless, and witless society. When MAGIC finally outlaws laughing, smiling will be their next target. We will not be allowed to laugh, be happy, or be glad.

MAGIC is an alliance- allies- of people so miserable that they want the rest of the world to be as miserable as they are. They do what the politicians wish they could do, curtailing and banning free speech and expression.

Politicians in the Freedumb Caucus are furious at social media platforms for banning certain political speech, politicians, misinformation, and disinformation. They claim censorship. The right to free speech is being violated. Some are attorneys. They should all take a class, The First Amendment for Idiots.

Social media platforms are not the government. They can censor, disallow or ban anyone they choose. They can even be arbitrary and capricious. So can the news media. Only the government is forbidden from censorship. In their zeal to be supposed defenders of the First Amendment, the Freedumb Caucus would be happy to shut it down. On the other side, the Progressive Dependumb Caucus is waging their war on the First Amendment.

There may be a bipartisan effort from both the Dumb Caucuses to repeal the First Amendment, aided and abetted by the growing numbers of MAGIC. It will bring about a new Prohibition Era. Comedians, humorists, satirists, or anyone who offends will be hunted down, canceled, and destroyed just for being funny.

How do People of Humor (POH) fight back? First and foremost, be courageous and fearless. Keep producing, writing, and performing no holds barred humor, comedy, and satire. Keep those poisoned pens filled. Second, if accused of crimes against MAGIC, never ever apologize. Never ever is a long, long time. Keep doing what you do. If they try to cancel you, double and triple down. Keep on keeping on. There are plenty of platforms for you to do what you do best. Or create your own platforms.

Never let the MAGIC mob take away your tools.

How low can we go

People ask me why I am so insulting, referring to the citizens of this nation as blissful dips**ts, idiots, bark chewers, and knuckle-dragging pecker heads. I explain using one word, facts.

The proof is right before our eyes every hour of every day. We are witness to the final dumbing down of America, the End Times if you will.

The talentless, bubble-brained, socially irrelevant Kardashians created a multi-billion-dollar empire over their trashy dysfunctional lifestyle. They are major influencers with millions of followers. Why?

Many of our elected officials have Kardashian-like status as celebrity icons. They have millions of gullible followers nationwide and bask in their fame. They are Twitter stars to millions of twits. Politicians are not supposed to be celebrity icons or popular. They are lowly servants and should be treated as peons.

Millions of pandemic deniers, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, believers in livestock dewormer, “Merica loving, bible-thumping, God-fearing followers of the Church of Crystal Methodists, who would rather get a catastrophic disease or horribly die to preserve their freedumb. This includes the elected officials who represent, defend, and enforce freedumb.

Let us not forget Texas and Florida. Enough said.

How about all the less-ons* performing the latest fad, climbing piles of unstable milk crates trying not to crash to the ground? They make the Tide Pod eaters and horse dewormer believers look like members of Mensa.

The Proud Boys, Antifa, QAnon, Oath Keepers, militias, activists of all stripes, supremacists of all colors, ethnicities, faiths, and adherents. They have millions of followers in the aggregate. Stupid people will believe and follow anything and everything.

People who strongly identify as Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, progressives, socialists, and far-right or left wingnuts who drank the Kool-Aid. They are true believers in political salvation and the resurrection of an America that never existed.

There are legions of humorless wokists and their adherents who terrorize and strike fear in everyone, sucking all the joy out of life. Do not forget the people who believe in them and spread their manure, ruining lives and businesses. Some “organizations” extort money through “donations” to their causes to forgive their supposed sins. They are the handmaidens of the devil.

People believe the news media is fearless, relentless, objective, fair, honest, and balanced. Why?

What about all those who are oh so wildly fascinated by the British Royal family? They have a religious cult-like status in this country of rubes, especially among the social elites. People cannot get enough of even the most trivial aspects of that inbred dynasty. Did they forget we chased their colonial dictatorial asses out of here, creating our own nation? After World War II, America formed a “special relationship” with those descendants of the Huns. What is so special?

The final nail in the coffin of facts is Doctor Pimple Popper, California (Of course) dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee. She has 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 4 million YouTube subscribers. She videos herself popping pimples, blackheads, cysts, and other skin maladies of her patients. Her videos are regularly viewed over one billion times, on average. Who knew a nation could entertain themselves, like porn addicts, watching someone popping skin conditions? Talk about skin flicks.

I am not criticizing the doctor. It is her legions of fans that are disturbing. What kind of low-grade morons are wildly fascinated by blackheads, puss, odorous dead skin cells, or other bodily fluids oozing out of someone’s skin? Worse are the less-ons* of the media reporting and showing her latest videos on television, talk shows, and ezine articles. 

Masses of Americans are the lowest common denominator. Over the past few years, this country devolved from a nation of angsty, angry teenagers into braindead lemmings. We are not far from the cliff.

We have one of the best educational, college/university, and postgraduate systems in the world. It produces some of the most gullible naifs in the world. They breed and pass their ignorance onto their sperm and egg omelets. Soon, the fate of this nation will rest in the hands of these spawns of Satan. 

The Great Comedian is laughing His ass off at the lunatic s**t show he created.

*Less-on- Lower than a moron.