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“Gentleman, start your engines.”

The teacup lap dog Chicago news media is celebrating Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s securing a NASCAR street race in Chicago next year. It is one of the dumbest, if not the dumbest, idea to come out of the Fifth Floor of City Hall.

Lightfoot is proving to be Richie Daley light, all bread and circuses with no substance. Crime and lawlessness are out of control. No one or neighborhood is safe. Her Texas cowpoke police superintendent is a total incompetent disaster. The Chicago Police Department is in crisis mode with suicides, consistent days off canceled, overworked, and low morale.

But the cheerleaders at Chicago’s news media are celebrating with her royal mayoress. What a bunch of poltroons, jamokes, mooks, and mamalukes. The news media should be required to wear cheerleading uniforms and carry pom-poms. That is how useless they are in this city.

There should be editorials scorching this ridiculous event. It does nothing to improve the deteriorating inferior quality of life in this city of criminality. The only people who will benefit from this idiocy are the ones who live or transit along the racecourse. In those areas, the city will fix all the potholes.

The city cannot control the illegal racing, drifting, or whatever it is called. It is happening on our streets every weekend. The city cannot keep us safe from criminals. Public safety is a joke. We have a homeless crisis in Chicago and the city is doing next to nothing about it. But, hey, we have a Summer of Joy, right? Maybe next summer we can celebrate the Summer of NASCAR.

Yes, let’s take a victory lap for NASCAR. Geez, the news media is suffering from a terminal case of that brain-eating STD, clownmydia. They no longer report on the important issues afflicting this city. They just cheer for the mayor. She is historic; you see. That is more important than murders on our streets.

Hip hip hooray, the mayor scored a stupid event not meant for city streets. Rah, rah, sis boom bah, the Chicago news media shouts while shaking their bums and pom-poms. All praise Lori Lightfoot for this “major coup.” Hail Lori? WTF?

We, the people, should shut this fiasco down to show Lightfoot who really rules this city. We should protest at City Hall. Maybe the Feds can find a reason to shut this down.

Alderpersons, especially in the wards affected by this fiasco, are complaining the mayor left them in the dark about this. Lightfoot does whatever she wants. City Council? What City Council? “I don’t need no stinking City Council.”

What is even worse, this is a three-year deal. Lightfoot has lost her mind and so has the Chicago news media. This teacup lapdog cheerleading must stop. Lightfoot is proving to be the worst mayor in modern history. Soon she will surpass Big Bill Thompson as the worst mayor in two centuries.

We no longer have fearless and courageous journalists, editorial boards, and publishers in Chicago. We have empty-headed cheerleaders. All boolah boolah, hail to the chief, hosanna, hosanna to the highest, Lori Lightfoot. She, who can do no wrong, because she does nothing.

What will she do next? Ride an ass, maybe a member of an editorial board or a publisher, down State Street while the members of the news media wave palms?

Folks, Lightfoot is one of the best con artists to hold office in this city of scoundrels. She is ridiculous and Chicago mayors are not supposed to be ridiculous. Hopefully, she will be run out of office on a rail in February and the new mayor can cancel the NASCAR stupidity. Hopefully, the new mayor can make Chicago safe again.

The Chicago news media is pathetic for cheering, hyping, and publicizing the NASCAR deal. They are nothing more than the PR weasels for the mayor. My apologies to weasels. The public is being dis-serviced by the Chicago news media. The media are no longer the junkyard watchdogs. They are Lori Lightfoot’s house pets.

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