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The Dramatic Saga Continues Bring in the Feds

Last updated on March 20, 2022

Image: CCSO Mugshot

The Jussie Smollett Evil Clown Show continues. His brother, Joqui, issued a video statement through his brother’s Instagram account.

“Clear my brother’s name,” he said of the 39-year-old actor. “Make sure this appeal clears my brother’s name. You have a liability on your hand. Anyone with intelligence at the state level should understand that. There’s absolutely no evidence that Jussie did this, there never was. The CPD went on a smear campaign of my brother’s name…”

“There’s countless numbers of police misconduct in this case,” he said. “Judicial misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, double jeopardy. State of Illinois: do the right thing – make sure this appeal goes through…

“Jussie is innocent. For far too long Black folks have been expected to go through trauma and then get back up as if that trauma is normal. We will be speaking on Jussie’s behalf for the near future,” he wrote. “2 out of 3 state judges voted this week to suspend Jussie’s jail sentence while he awaits his appeal. This is a clear acknowledgment from the state that there are holes in this case.” (BET)

This whole case is nothing but a brilliant drama and a cry for attention from Jussie Smollett and his family. The drama rubbed off on Chicago’s drama queen and aspiring actress, Kim Foxx. I could imagine someone penning a screenplay about this whole scenario. Just about everyone involved can play themselves. Netflix or Amazon would probably produce the docudrama.

Here is a clue to prove Smollett and his family are liars, and the whole thing was a hoax. They can accuse the Chicago Police, the courts who appointed the special prosecutor, and the judge all they want. Do you know who else investigates hate crimes? The FBI. Smollett did not report the “crime” to the Feds, as far as we know. His attorneys did not ask or demand the feds get involved. For a good reason. When the hoax was proven a second time, Smollett would be looking at serious federal time in the Gray Bar Hotel.

There is no public indication the FBI is investigating the Chicago Police Department for civil rights violations. There is no public indication the FBI opened a case of the “hate crime”

The Feds do not fool around when they are lied to, especially on a grand scale. It is still not too late for the FBI to open a case. They should investigate the whole shebang, from the hoax to the police investigation, and Kim Foxx’s attempts to quash the hoax to make it all disappear. It would not take much time or resources. They could wrap up this case in short order.

If they come to the same conclusion as the Chicago Police Department, they could have Smollett indicted. Since these would be federal charges, there would be no issues about double jeopardy.

Of course, the drama would intensify. Jussie would probably go on a hunger strike, as fake as the one he pulled off in the Cook County Jail. He could give soliloquies ending with a raised fist and shouting “CRY FREEDOM” as he is led away to those fine Federal accommodations.

In all seriousness, this case demands screams for an investigation by the United States Department of Justice. We, the people of Chicago, should demand the Feds get involved to prove or disprove the Smollett Hoax once and for all. They could find all kinds of exciting things, including the nefarious machinations by supposed Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx. That could be called the Kim Foxx Hoax.

Hoo boy, just think if they found enough to drive her out of office or into a federal courtroom. How dramatic would that be? Just think of Foxx’s emoting about the whole thing on and off the stand. It would be priceless. It would be the performance of a lifetime.

Yes, I realize the Feds have better things to do, like going after our clownish politicians for their quaint corrupt ways. But, the twin Smollett/Foxx hoaxes need another set of eyes. The public needs some closure to this drama. An ending, happy or sad.

One could wonder what the late Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel are musing about this production. One or two thumbs up or thumbs down?

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