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Він воскрес

Image: PV Bella

“We believe in the victory of life over death…No matter how fierce the battles are. There is no chance for death to defeat life. Everyone knows that. Every Christian knows that. (Volodymyr Zelensky/AP).

I would like to wish my brethren in the Orthodox faith a blessed and joyous Easter. I ask that on this day, they say a prayer for Ukraine.

Easter is the holiest holiday in the Orthodox faith. There will be no Resurrection celebration in Ukraine today. There will be little joy due to the war unleashed upon the country by Russia. There will be suffering and mourning.

The world is watching this immoral war Russia is waging in Ukraine. Every day the news, photos, and videos are heartbreaking. Putin’s orcs are massacring people and destroying towns just because.

Vladimir Putin is the personification of evil. Yet, the West is allowing this evil. They are letting Putin be Putin. What help they are sending is too little too late. They knew Putin would invade Ukraine months before. The West did not want to believe it. It was never a matter of if, only when.

Before the invasion, Europe and America could have provided arms, planes, defensive systems, other weaponry, and equipment. They did nothing. There is a humanitarian crisis that is worsening. All the West does is talk and encourage Zelensky to negotiate. Negotiate what? You cannot negotiate with a monster. With the West’s blessing, Putin will get whatever he wants. They let him do it before and will let him do it again.

The West has a habit of letting Putin be Putin- Georgia, Chechnya, Crimea, and the brutal, inhumane bombing of Syria. If Putin pushes west to take the other smaller former Soviet satellites, like Moldova, the West will let him. Hell, if he wants Alaska back, he will get it. Sara Palin could shake hands with Russians in her backyard.

The West would prefer Zelensky to surrender, flee, and give Putin a victory. Then, things can return to normal. They can be pals again, sucking up Russian oil, coal, and gas while they blather their hypocrisy over climate change.

Putin is more intelligent than all the Western leaders put together. He knows they do not care what he does, so long as he does not do it to them. Putin knows he can get away with the worst atrocities, and the West will just sigh, “Well, that’s just Vlad.”

Ukraine president Zelensky did not and is not asking for troops. He is begging,  hat in hand, like a peasant, for materiel to defeat an ogre and his orcs. The West stalled until it was almost too late. It is a pity seeing Zelensky keep begging for the same things he needs over and over again while Putin’s orcs commit atrocities, war crimes, relocations, and genocide.

Since the West did nothing to stop Putin, they have no right to advise tell Zelensky how to negotiate, what he should negotiate or concede, or if he should bother. If Zelensky wants all lands taken back, including Crimea, the West should either support him or butt out. They do more harm than good. They always have when it comes to Putin.

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