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Birds Aren’t Real is real

Image: Birds Aren’t Real

The Birds Aren’t Real movement exists to spread awareness that the U.S. Government genocided over 12 Billion birds from 1959-2001, and replaced these birds with surveillance drone replicas, which still watch us every day. (Birds Aren’t Real)

Some years ago, I did research on conspiracy theories. I learned that like myths, epics, and legends, conspiracies are based on fact, lore, or a historical event. They have a seed of truth to them. The seed grows into a beautiful, alluring plant, sucking in the gullible, naive, and just plain ignorant, including the so-called educated elitists and politicians. They spread like wildfire.

Members of Congress believe various conspiracies like Jewish space lasers, the Gazpacho Police, COVID is a hoax or bio-warfare, the 2020 election was stolen, a pizza parlor was a pedophile sex trafficking operation, and whatever else the febrile minds of people think up, disseminate, and is believed by the dimwitted slap d**ks who inhabit this country.

Listen to politicians like Margorie Taylor Greene, Josh Hawley, or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. You will realize they believe and spread anything that sounds crazy to normal people. Except, normal people believe them.

I found a group that posits a credible theory, Birds Aren’t Real. Birds Aren’t Real exposed a CIA plot to kill and “extinct” all the biological birds in America. They substituted them with exact look-alike drones with cameras to spy on the people of this country. The goal of the CIA project was to find Communist infiltrators and sympathizers. It was hatched in the late 1950s and is still in full force today. Every bird you see is a CIA drone spy, not a biological bird.

The term “Birds Aren’t Real” refers to biological “Birds” no longer existing on United States soil. After the government forcibly made the entire species extinct in the 20th century, all of these real birds were replaced with surveillance drones designed to look just like Birds. To simplify- Birds no longer exist in the U.S. as a biological lifeform, thus, Birds Aren’t Real!

There is one exception, pigeons. The CIA discovered that pigeon populations were not decimated and kept coming back in large numbers. As any urban dweller can tell you, city pigeons, like rats, are impossible to kill off. It Is hard to distinguish the drones from real pigeons.

You can read Birds Aren’t Real’s history here. It is a fascinating dive into the Communist scare of the late 1950s and beyond. It describes the machinations of CIA chief, Allen Dulles and his zeal for exposing American dissidents- traitors.

Why do I believe Birds Aren’t Real? First, no one from the government has denied their findings. No politicians or celebrities have come out for or against them. Not one comedian has made jokes about them. Wikileaks and Anonymous never discovered them. More important, Twitter, the home of news media lies, has not disowned them. The government’s efforts to shut down Birds Aren’t Real have failed. Their assertions must be true.

Image: Birds Aren’t Real

There was a virulent anti-Communist craze in the government and American society during the 1950s and early 1960s, including the McCarthy hearings and the House Un-American Activities Committee. The CIA and FBI were involved in all kinds of “investigations,” black ops, dirty tricks, and tactics to fight the Red Menace.

I asked my friend, artist, and amateur ornithologist, Bain d’Oiseau, who informed me that Birds Aren’t Real is the real deal. Their deep-dive research is spot on. He laments the purposeful extinction of birds by our government.

Remember, the politicians and others thought there was a move for Communist world domination. So, the theory holds that the biological bird population would be “extincted” by the government to replace them with clone drones, except for pigeons, AKA flying rats, who are the cockroaches of the avian world. They can survive anything and thrive.

Some people killed or tried to kill the “bird” drones. They were immediately caught and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay. Some have been there for over sixty years in solitary confinement, existing on gruel and water.

So, remember, if you see that robin, cardinal, pigeon, owl, bald eagle, or falcon, it is a drone, a droid, spying on you. Do not try to shoo it or harm it. Your freedom- freedumb- will be at stake.

Note: To the syphilitic paralyzed brain dead population of American drooling numb nut morons, Birds Aren’t Real was started by a Gen Z person to demonstrate how misinformation can spread. It is a fad of the Gen Z population.

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