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Happy April Fool’s Day

Image: NASA

Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever.
(Charles Lamb)

Today is April Fool’s Day. Short story, the Gregorian Calendar superseded the Julian Calendar in the late 1500s. Both were solar calendars, but the Gregorian was more accurate. Depending on which history you read, many European countries were slow to adapt to the new calendar, which put New Year’s Day on January 1st. They either celebrated the New Year from March 25th through April 1st or on April 1st. Those who did not conform to the new calendar were called April Fools.

The whole history is a bunch of hogwash tainted with bulls**t. Pope Gregory and his Medieval clerics knew the Great Comedian created the human species last for a specific reason, sport. They knew this through divine intervention.

Everything on Earth was designed to kill humans. The Great Comedian could sit back, watch, enjoy, and laugh at his human creation, the first reality show, “Survival of the Fittest.”

The clerics created April Fool’s Day to humiliate humans for thinking they were superior beings. The Earth and all its methods to kill us off are considered inferior by humans and to be conquered. Only fools believe that humans, like other species, will not become extinct at some point in time.

Need proof? Humans were descended from other species. All are extinct. Our closest relative is the bonobo, which is endangered. It won’t be long, maybe hundreds or thousands of years, but we will be gone. If we do not wipe ourselves out first with weapons of mass destruction.

Only fools believe humans are the superior species. Today is the day to celebrate our foolishness. April Fool’s pranks were created to prove how stupid most humans are. Those clerics sure knew what they were doing when they established this day.

Think about this. Humans are the only species on Earth that purposefully kills members of their own species. We murder each other, start wars to mass murder people, and unleash diseases, toxins, and hazards. Natural disasters were not enough to satisfy the fools, so they foolishly created manmade disasters. Yeah, humans are some superior species alright.

Killing each other is a way of life for us. We created weapons of mass destruction to ensure we become extinct sooner. Horses have more sense than humans. They never bet on the human race.

Fools talk about saving the planet. The only thing that will save the Earth is the extinction of humans. The fools contributed nothing to the planet worth saving. Humans did their best and are still doing their best to destroy the pristine paradise the Great Comedian created. We pat ourselves on the back with national parks and other preserved places to make us feel better about the destruction we wreaked upon the Earth. Save the planet? What a crock of bulls**t.

The Great Comedian played his prank on us. He is somewhere on vacation, laughing his arse off and watching us contribute to our own extinction. Oh, and the planet? It will save itself until the next natural or terrestrial cataclysm takes it out.

Happy April Fool’s Day. If you are celebrating, remember to drink responsibly. Contrary to popular culture, the Great Comedian does take care of fools and drunks. He never has and never will.

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