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Cappleman the Cruel

Cappleman the Cruel/Image 46th Ward/Enhanced by PV Bella

“When well-meaning residents step in to help, it can slow down efforts of the case manager who’s building trust with their client, and that ultimately slows down efforts to get them into permanent housing…

…The best way the public can help is by supporting the case manager’s role of being the lead support for their client. Instead of providing food and other items directly, it’s much better to donate items or money to the person’s assigned social service agency.” (Alderman James Cappleman/Uptown Update)

“Craft legislation that would allow the City to fine those who give out propane tanks to people living under the viaducts.”

“ I support requiring the viaduct encampments to move to the nearby open space where some other tents are already located to reduce the safety risks for those currently living under the viaduct.“

“My ask to have the viaducts cleared to make it safe for everyone has been denied and I fear it’s only a matter of time when an injury will lead to a needless death.” (46th Ward Newsletter)

Alderman James Cappleman, AKA Cappleman the Cruel, has been trying to eliminate the homeless camps from his gentrifying ward since being elected in 2011. There has been an encampment under the viaduct at DuSable Lake Shore Drive for several years. Cappleman wants it gone. He does not care about homelessness. He wants them out of his ward.

Cappleman does not want the current and future over-privileged pampered residents to see the homeless or their encampments in his gentrified ward. He wants them to disappear. Cappleman’s only solution is removal. He is devoid of humanity.

Cappleman the Cruel does not want “well-meaning” people to assist the homeless directly with food, money, or other necessities. He wants them to donate to “assigned” social service agencies. Well-meaning people should ignore Cappleman. Give whatever they want to whoever they want. No one has a right to tell people how to help others or determine what is best for others. None of those agencies have expertise. The homeless camps would not be so large and entrenched if they did.

Cappleman the Cruel wants the city to fine people who give propane tanks to the homeless. Is Cappleman going to have the Propane Police stationed on-site? Guess what? The camp will start open fires to stay warm. That will create a more significant safety issue. Cappleman does not understand the psychology of survival. People will do whatever it takes to survive, even thumb their noses at an alderman.

Cappleman wants the encampments to move to the open areas of the park. Years ago, when there was a large camp in that area, he wanted it removed because people claimed it was an eyesore. The viaduct provides shelter from the sun, rain, and snow. It is an eyesore for pampered people who want to pass under to get to the lake, his real reason for wanting the viaduct encampment removed. It has nothing to do with the safety of the homeless, drivers on DLSD, or pedestrians, runners, and cyclists traversing the viaduct to get to the lake.

Most alderpersons do not care about public safety. Just look at how dangerous the whole city is. Cappleman does not care about public safety. He does care about getting reelected. He cares about the voters who complain about the camps being a blot on their pristine paradise.

Cappleman claims the homeless refuse cots in shelters. He is right. The people must leave most shelters in the morning. They are back on the street again. Due to space restrictions, they cannot bring all their possessions to the shelter. Why would people even consider a system that only provides overnight comfort, especially during inclement weather? Some refused other types of housing due to various restrictions.

Cappleman claims the homeless do not trust the case managers and other city agencies. There is a good reason for the distrust. They do little to transition the homeless into permanent housing, jobs, and medical or mental health treatments. Many homeless have mental issues and suffer from substance abuse or alcoholism. Those require long-range solutions.

Cappleman has been trying to remove the homeless population from the park and lakefront for years. The homeless are winning. They are staying until this city gets smart. That could be a long while.

Cappleman has no solutions to transition the homeless to treatment, jobs, and housing. He never did. Cappleman is the only alderman who publicly shames the homeless and demands their removal. It is almost criminal the way Cappleman frames the growing homeless problem.

The number of homeless people in Chicago is at an all-time high. The situation is complex due to the various reasons people are homeless. Like poverty, homelessness will not be eliminated. It can be mitigated. No one wants to spend the money for the long-term solutions necessary to reduce homelessness. The NIMBYs do not want facilities to assist the homeless in their neighborhoods. NIMBYs do not want anything in their communities that will help others.

Cappleman does not want to mitigate the homeless problem in his gentrified ward. He wants the homeless gone, out of sight, out of mind. Cappleman is a typical creature of municipal government. He does not want to solve problems. He prefers they go away.

“Well-meaning” people should be lauded instead of condemned for trying to do some good in this city of scoundrels, like Cappleman. They are doing more than Cappleman or the city is. They are stepping in due to the failure of the city.

There is no law against compassion. If it were up to Cappleman, there would be.

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