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It’s about damn time

Image: PV Bella

After a particularly vicious robbery in the Lincoln Park/DePaul neighborhood and a pattern of other robberies, some alderpersons are speaking out. In an email to constituents, Alderman Brian Hopkins (2nd) wrote, “This lawlessness has to be stopped!”  

Hopkins also proclaimed what the mayor, her superintendent, and most of the City Council will not admit, “No neighborhood is immune to this criminal behavior,” Hopkins told constituents in an email. “I have discussed the immediate need for additional tactical teams and patrols in the Lincoln Park area with the Chicago Police Department.” (CWBChicago)

Scott Waguespack (32nd) also addressed Friday’s shooting in his weekly newsletter. “This is a heinous crime that should have the maximum penalties charged, with no downgrade of charges, when the police apprehend these criminals,” Waguespack said. (CWBChicago) Good luck with that, Alderman. Cook County does not prosecute. Trials? What trials? We don’t need no stinking trials.

Alderman Michelle “See Something, blow Something” Smith (43) wants her whistleblower army to keep the victims in their hearts. Yeah, that will stop the scourge of murder and mayhem.

It appears Alderman Ray Lopez (15) is no longer the voice in the wilderness on violent crime. If more aldermen banded together, there might be a change to bring public safety back to Chicago. Too many are cowards or sympathetic towards the pampered criminals.

There is no safe in Chicago. Violent crime is a 24/7 endeavor in every neighborhood. All the hearts, whistles, and prayers will not stop the city-wide violent crime spree in Chicago.

The streets, businesses, and public transportation are dangerous. People are in peril no matter where they travel, seek entertainment, work, or live. Our city officials do not care.

It took a vicious execution-style shooting to get some alderpersons to speak up. Where are the rest? There are fifty alderpersons. The crimes are happening in their backyards. The criminals and victims come from their neighborhoods. They are silent. Their silence is deafening.

1 minute and 44 seconds. That is the time it took to rob and shoot a victim three times execution-style. 1 minute and 44 seconds. CWBChicago is the only news media site to post the video in its entirety. The others are cowards. It is past time people witness the vicious crimes being committed. You can see the whole video here. Scroll about halfway down through the article.

According to his family, the victim, 23-year-old Dakotah Earley, is on life support. On this Mother’s Day, his mother’s heart is breaking. His mother is praying for hope. His mother is suffering what no mother should.

The video of this crime is disturbing, but it is a fact of life on the streets of Chicago. The news media is pretty much silent on the rampant criminality in this city. They do not want to disturb you or jolt your conscience. They are as cowardly as most of the alderpersons. If the people of this city saw the absolute carnage, videos, and photos of bodies at crime scenes (faces blurred), there would be an uproar.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre news photographs fueled outrage throughout the nation, including the White House. During the social uprising in Sicily’s anti-Mafia campaigns, news photos and videos of the bloodshed and murders were routine. People saw how evil the Mafia really was and still is. There were videos of people hosing the pools of blood off the streets. Mexican news media regularly shows the result of the cartel murders across that country. That takes courage, something lacking in City Hall and the news media.

Chicago is not only a city of scoundrels but a city of cowards. They are in City Hall, the news media, and all the neighborhoods where people refuse to speak out. The philosophy of the citizens is there is no crime if it doesn’t happen to them.

We used to be the City of Big Shoulders. The city of I can. I will. Now, we are the city of weenies, weaklings, with the attitude of apathy. We can’t. We won’t.

Silence is consent. Silence is condoning violence, murder, and mayhem. Be proud of your silence Chicago. Maybe you can design a new flag with yellow stars. Yellow, the color of cowardice.

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