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Poor Butt Hurt Millennials

Image: PV Bella

“As a Millennial, I have lived through three economic recessions, a terrorist attack that killed over three thousand Americans, two overseas wars that were started when I was still in grade school, a global pandemic that our Boomer-run government was completely unprepared to deal with, three of the four presidential impeachment trials ever held in American history, and an attempted overthrow of the government in defiance of an election result.

Meanwhile, the generation before mine came of age during one of the most prosperous economic booms of the postwar era (and wouldn’t shut up about how depressed and aimless they felt during that time), and the generation before them grew up under material comforts unimaginable to kings and emperors fifty years prior.” (Robert H./Comment on Facebook)

You would think these Millennial mamalukes and Gen Z mooks would come up with something original. Instead, like our hyperventilating news media, they copy and paste whatever bullshit they come across on social media. I saw the above quote more times than I want to remember.

Mr. H. is one of the people I would like to punch in the throat several times. He and his band of 21 to late 30-somethings have no idea what they are talking about when they criticize the Baby Boom Generation and the generation before. They make shit up to fit their imaginary current situation. Someone must be blamed for their angst and anxiety.

Mr. H.’s generation does not think. They feel. They are pissed off because their feelings override what little intelligence they possess.

Mr. H. was the beneficiary of living with “material comforts unimaginable to kings and emperors.” He grew up in prosperity, and now, like the Boomers he despises, he will not shut up about how “aimless and depressed” he is.

Why does this bratzilla hate his Boomer parents and grandparents? What horrors did they inflict on him to spout such bullshit? His parents must be devastated how their crotch beachball turned out.

As a Boomer, I can attest that Mr. H. is as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Our grandparents and parents did not grow up “…under material comforts unimaginable to kings and emperors fifty years prior.” On the contrary, our grandparents worked hard to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. They survived WWI, a worldwide pandemic, the Great Depression, and WWII through hard work and ingenuity. They did not complain about the past over and over again.

Many Boomers fought and died in Viet Nam and the current perpetual wars waged since 2001. Mr. H. did not fight in those wars that started when he was a child. So how the fuck did he suffer? How did he suffer a terrorist attack as a child? Was he in the Twin Towers?

We did not see whatever prosperity Mr. H. is dreaming about. Our parents worked in blue-collar jobs to provide for their families. They navigated strikes and lay-offs with no pay. There were recessions. Somehow the bills got paid. Mr. H. confuses comfort with prosperity. We, like he and his parents, lived comfortable lives. Most of our families did not see the wealth that prosperity brings.

We did not have all the glitzy toys Mr. H. and future generations have stacked up in basements, garages, and storage lockers. Our parents worked hard for what they earned, earned being the operative word.

Many of us went to work as early as twelve years old. We did every kind of job imaginable to earn some money. There were no handouts. People like Mr. H. expect to have the whole world handed to them on a silver platter. They were devastated when internships were not given to them.

Oh, the horror and suffering Mr. H. went through. Terrorist attacks, wars, and the global pandemic. Was he raised living on the streets of war-torn Simpsonistan? Did he navigate mortar rounds, IEDs, and snipers while walking to and from school uphill both ways? Was he dodging capture, torture, or catching COVID while foraging for food on the way home?

Add to that the impeachments and attempted overthrow of the American government. They damaged Mr. H.’s already fragile psyche, especially since many, if not most, of the chromosomal mutants who stormed the Capitol were millennials, just like him. His pain must be unending.

These spoiled bratzillas constantly complain about the Boomer generation ruining their lives. All is woe is me, poor me, me, me. They create total horseshit to excuse their laziness, lack of job skills, and general lack of knowing how things work and navigating life. Schools do not teach those skills. Mr. H., his generation, and cohorts in Gen Z demand change, yet they cannot change a lightbulb.

The sad thing is too many supposedly educated, and intelligent people believe this horseshit. I know many older millennials. They are well-rounded individuals. They have life and work skills. They did not “suffer” all the horrors Mr. H. claims. They did what responsible adults do, improvise, adapt, and overcome. They did not let their feelings override their intelligence.

Robert H. is responsible for his travails. Not the Boomers, not the government, terrorists, or combat military personnel. He is. If he wants to wallow in self-pity, he can. No one is to blame but him. He can keep his bullshit to himself.

A word of avuncular advice to these whiny little puss heads. Cowboy the fuck up. Start acting like an adult instead of a bitchy teenager who needs a hard slap in the face and a solid kick in the ass.

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