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Vote like your life depends on it

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“This is not about Lori Lightfoot. Seventy percent plus people do not vote in this city. This is a larger conversation we must have and we must get people reengaged with the political process,” Green said. “That means we must give them hope that there is someone who fights on behalf of the people…

…Green said he’s disappointed in the mayor for hiring non-Chicago residents to prominent posts, which he says hurts the city’s service.

“The disappointing factor as she came into office is her hiring from outside the city, folks that don’t understand Chicago, and the disconnectedness of City Hall from these neighborhoods is alarming,” Green said.” (Ja’mal Green/Chicago Tribune)

Activist and entrepreneur Ja’mal Green announced he is running against Lori Lightfoot for mayor of Chicago. While he is a long shot, his quotes tell an unfortunate truth about Lori Lightfoot’s leadership and the apathy of Chicago voters.

I do not know if Mr. Green’s 70% plus statistic is accurate, but I know the vote totals are much lower during certain election cycles. Citizens who do not vote do not care. They do not care about their city or county. They do not care about each other. They do not care about themselves.

Green is right about not hiring people from someplace else to work in the administration. It is a colossal mistake. They know nothing about the city, neighborhoods, people, or various issues impacting communities. They are disconnected because they do not understand how things work in Chicago. A stunning example is Superintendent of Police David “Tex” Brown. Brown proved he was an abject failure from day one and continues to do so daily. He should have been fired before his first year was up for his dismal leadership and performance.

Public safety should be the number one issue in the upcoming elections. All the other so-called issues are bread and circuses to distract voters from elected leaders’ failures to keep us safe and curb criminality.

Toni Preckwinkle is running in the upcoming primary on June 28. She will be running on her failed public safety policies, so-called criminal justice, and court reforms driving the violent crime in Chicago. She has a formidable Democratic opponent, Richard Boykin. Boykin knows Preckwinkle’s unproven political and social justice theories are not working.

“I’m running for board president because gun violence, carjacking, retail thefts, all of these things have combined to terrorize communities. Our children are literally dying in the streets; families are not getting justice. My No. 1 priority is to make sure that we have safe streets throughout Cook County,” he said. (Richard Boykin/CBS 2)

The Chicago mayoral election is in February 2023. Lori Lightfoot is running on her failed public safety policies, especially her failure to fire an incompetent police superintendent.

Besides Green, others are running against her. More will probably pile on to dilute the vote and force a run-off. Lightfoot is no longer popular. She leaves town to raise campaign funds, as the local big money spigot appears to be trickling.

Lightfoot managed to alienate people across Chicago. Many people I talk to do not have a good thing to say about her. When her name is mentioned, people respond with profanity or a pejorative.

Alderpersons are also running for election and reelection in 2023. If your alderperson has been silent about the horrific violence plaguing Chicago, get out and vote for their opponent. They have not earned reelection.

Only by voting incompetent incumbents out can we change course and hopefully have a safer city. Chicago desperately needs change. We went from the City That Works to a city of dysfunction, heading to dystopia.

We need a mayor and City Council who care about public safety. and are willing to stand up when county policies threaten public safety. We need people in police leadership who rose through the ranks, know this city’s neighborhoods, and how to curb crime. We need City Hall appointees who lived in Chicago versus mercenaries from elsewhere.

Lightfoot and Preckwinkle do not care. If they did, our streets would be safer, criminals would be held accountable, and crime would be curbed.

Early voting started this week. Get out and vote. Vote like your life and your family’s life depends on it because it does.

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