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Black Friday is a con job


Today is Black Friday. A day when good patriotic, genetically deficient Americans swarm the downtown shopping areas, malls, and big box stores to buy stuff they do not need and more stuff for gifts. It is the Great American con game. Stuff is supposedly on sale, so the zombie schlubs come out in masses to load up on credit card debt with high-interest rates they will pay off over the next year.

I and my credit cards are safe from such nonsense. My time and money are valuable. I refuse to drive around aimlessly in parking lots looking for a space, jostling crowds in stores, and waiting in long lines to pay for junk that supposedly is on sale. I also refuse to stand outdoors in line at dawn waiting for the stores to open. Only low IQ less-ons do that.

I detest the sight of the typical American mindless zombies with their devil spawn nose miners in tow. They mindlessly fill their shopping carts with junk. Then they do that other great American zombie family pastime, stuffing their maws with junk food.

On Monday, called cyber-Monday, my credit cards will be safe too. I am not a red, white, and blue patriotic good ole ‘Merican consumer. There is no duty or obligation to go into debt for future garbage.

I prefer to shop for gifts at small retailers, especially businesses in my neighborhood. My shopping list is small, so I do not have to break the bank. I buy gifts I think the recipients will enjoy versus the latest, newest, “fantastic” gizmos or fashions. I have what I need, so I do not have to shop for the latest, greatest crap the retailers are pushing.

As I get older, the whole idea of American over-consumerism is getting worse every year. It is not just Black Friday. One of the worst shopping days I witnessed was a weekend before the Super Bowl. I was buying necessities in a big box store. Many people bought the latest biggest screen TVs to watch the game and to impress their friends and family members. I wondered what they did with last year’s huge screen tv. They also stocked up on beer, booze, and oversized bags of snack items for their parties. All to watch a bunch of overpaid Ken Dolls play a fake contact sport.

The American consumer waits all year for these special shopping days without realizing retailers are conning them. Worse, they save nothing if they buy with credit cards and spend months paying off the balances plus interest. Yeah, such a deal.

I am making my shortlist now for Giving Tuesday. Since I will not be wasting money on junk, I have some excess to donate to good causes that help people in need. I will select two or three organizations to give money to. It is a less expensive and better investment than giving my dough to a retailer.

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