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Some mind drippings

Chicago politics is like fairy tales. Politicians start their campaign with, “If elected, I promise…” When elected, they break their promises. It is all once upon a time with few happy endings.

The mayoral race is heating, and there are still nine candidates in the race. No one has dropped out yet. During the debates, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is acting like a schoolyard bully, defending her indefensible term and pouncing on her perceived flaws of the others.

I live in a liberal to progressive neighborhood. Very few of the people I talk to are voting for Lightfoot. They no longer feel safe and are angry about it. My daughter is angry too. She hates to have to rely on rides, call her mother for a ride, or take an Uber when she is out at night versus walking to and from her destinations.

I do not know who I am voting for. I know I am not voting for Lightfoot again. Failure is her only option, and I will not vote for that. The other candidates are a mess of good, and bad ideas. Some have political baggage. But I will vote. Once again, I will hold my nose and vote for the least odious candidate. Lightfoot is counting on the traditional low turnout, usually in the 30s% range. We cannot allow this. Every voter should cast a ballot. We need to oust her from office.

On to another subject. I hate customer service surveys. I never take them. My position is if they want my time and effort, they should pay me or, in the case of utility companies, give me a hefty discount on my next bill. I am a professional, and professionals get paid. Once in a while, just for kicks, I will take a political survey. I always lie . n those. Politicians are liars, so I feel I should play the same game. You know, do unto others…

Once again, this week, I was victimized by the bar pest. This one came over while I was working. He started a conversation and would not stop talking. He went on and on and on about every subject that came to his pea brain. No matter how much I tried to ignore this horse’s ass, he made it impossible. Worse, he loads the jukebox up with suicide music, those treacly love songs, or sad songs about lost love. It makes me want to rip my guts open with a broken bottle.

I am working on a photo project and found some photos I thought I had lost. I went to interview a printer who specializes in fine art prints to use for the project. He was condescending and treated me like I was wasting his time. I love doing business locally but found a fine art printer in another state. They are who I will use. I dislike doing business with people who mistreat me. It is their company’s loss, as this is a very expensive proposition. One way or another, word will get back to his employer.

Here is a sampling of the project:

The weather is like a yoyo. Arctic one day and balmy in the 30s the next. Chicago weather is like its politics. You never know what it will be or how long it will last. The older I get, the more I hate winter. I can tell I live in a privileged neighborhood. I used to have young people stop by and offer to shovel my snow. No more. Mommy and daddy give them large enough allowances to stay home on playing on their devices. These privileged kids will never know the hard work it takes to make a buck in this society. They will expect their bucks to be handed to them on a silver platter with ice cream and a cherry on top. Their parents are failing them by not imbuing in them a hard work ethic. As Mr. T used to say, “I pity the fool(s).

Stay warm, for we are in for sub-zero temps tomorrow.

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