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Stumbling and mumbling

The City of Chicago spent almost one million dollars to remediate the hazardous waste site in Brighton Park that was to be used for a migrant encampment. Now, the site will not be used for an encampment. Mayor Johnson claimed the money did not go to waste because they could use the site for other purposes.

The money did not go to waste? Yeah, right? Tax dollars are used for remediation and the owners do not have to pay.? That money is on top of the over 90,000 a month lease that the city pays out. We got hosed. We should force the land owners to reimburse the city for the remediation. Hell will freeze over, and pigs will fly before Brandon Johnson tries to get the squandered money back.

The Chicago Council voted on the Chicago Police contract. They voted yes on the economic and other issues. They voted no on the arbitrator’s ruling, allowing officers facing severe disciplinary issues to choose arbitration instead of the Chicago Police Board.

“If you’re asking this body to just simply accept something because it’s law, that would be the antithesis to how this stage even exists,” he said. “Could you imagine if women just accepted the law and did not continue to pursue justice? Black folks, or brown folks, or Asians?” (WBBM Radio Chicago)

Brandon Johnson is advocating legal disobedience over what he considers an unjust law. The ruling will go back to the arbitrator, who decided the issue He showed he would not change his mind. This will set up a court fight the city will lose. Johnson stated he would try to get the law changed. Good luck with that.

Brandon Johnson will go down in history as making the most cringe-worthy statements. The only mayor who is worse was Big Bill Thompson. Johnson should think before he speaks. He is not only infuriating people but also people who supported and voted for him. I know people who regret voting for Johnson.

20th Ward Ald. Jeanette Taylor said it best:

We should not be on the Fifth Floor. … We’re pretending like now we got the power, let us show you how it’s supposed to be done. And we look real stupid right now.” (Chicago Tribune) It is not “we” alder. It is Johnson who looks “real stupid right now.” He stands alone in his stupidity.

Brandon Johnson needs to think before he speaks, if that is possible. He is clueless when it comes to his own public relations. He is spending tens of millions of dollars on the migrant issue with no letup in sight. He stubbornly refuses to take the state of Texas to court to stop the inhumane filtration of migrants to Chicago. The White House stated that what Governor Gregg Abbott is doing is illegal. Even getting a temporary restraining order will give the city some breathing room. We are currently caring for approximately 26,000 migrants. What is Johnson afraid of? Is he a coward?

His solution is to sue the bus companies. It appears he is getting legal advice from a Cracker Jack box.

Johnson is proving every day he is incompetent to lead the City of Chicago. He does not know what he is doing or should be doing. But he sure gives damn good sermons.

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