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Chicago kvetching

I was safe from the Facebook shutdown the other day. When I realized the glitch, I did what I normally do when there are internet bugaboos. I yawned, stretched, and scratched. When Facebook returned online, one would have thought there was an apocalypse. People were pissing and moaning about the outage. Geez, don’t these people have a life off social media?

God forbid X went down. The whole country, including the lazy news media, would be paralyzed. Politicians and celebrities’ heads would explode- no great loss to humankind. Influencers would lament their loss of influence. Geez people, there is a life beyond social media. Get one.

Staff at the migrant shelters are limiting hygiene products for their charges. Migrants must reuse dirty diapers and women are limited to one pad a day while on their periods. Worse, the staff retaliates against them if they accept donations of hygiene products. They also must ask for toilet paper before using the restroom. This treatment is inhumane.

Once again, the staffing company is failing and showing total incompetence in caring for people. They should have been fired last year. Mayor Brandon Johnson inherited Favorite Healthcare Staffing and he refuses to fire them for their failure. They are costing the city 1.5 million dollars a day for incompetence. And inhumanity Like former mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Johnson believes failure is success. It is past time to put people in charge who have experience in these situations instead of bloodsuckers.

I am voting no on the Bring Home Chicago robbery tax. The money from this tax is supposed to go for assistance to the homeless. This is Chicago. Money earmarked for something is usually used to plug some other budget hole. I do not trust the municipal government in Chicago. Also, it is not what it seems. It is not a tax to help people. It is a tax to punish homeowners and building owners. Progressives have been pushing for this punishment for years and they finally got what they wanted. Taxation is not supposed to punish people.

It will take years before the tax yields enough funding to help the homeless population. City Hall is fooling people again. What else is new? There will not be any assistance for a long time. They could have helped the homeless before the migrant crisis. The city could have set up shelters in unused buildings and staffed them with professionals, unlike the dolts who are running the migrant shelters.

The McCaskey Ken Dolls are pushing for a new stadium on the lakefront. It is estimated that the new stadium will cost about two billion dollars. The NFL could kick in four hundred million dollars if the team can finance the rest. In true McCaskey fashion, those cheapskates and chiselers want public funding to pay the bulk of the cost. They should concentrate on putting a winning team on the field instead of soaking the taxpayers. If they want a stadium, they should pay for it. The city and state should only pay for necessary infrastructure improvements.

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