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I voted yesterday. Once again, I had to hold my nose on some choices. Voting is one of the most patriotic things you can do as a citizen. If you stay home, like 65% of the voters did in the last municipal election, you get a not-ready-for-prime-time inept person like Mayor Brandon Johnson. It is your patriotic right, duty, and responsibility to vote. So, get out there and do it.

Jim Bachor, known as the “pothole Picasso,” opened his own studio at 1111 W. Lawrence Ave. in the Uptown neighborhood. Once he became known for filling Chicago potholes, he filled potholes in other cities.

“Bachor, 59, opened the space to a large crowd on March 1 and plans to use it as a gallery selling his artwork, along with t-shirts, hats, pins, coffee mugs, and even shoes that have images of his work. He is also considering doing workshops to teach aspiring mosaic artists.” (Chicago Sun-Times) Bachor is displaying his mosaic art for sale at the studio. Bachor will also teach the art form at his studio. He sells merchandise based on his mosaic creations.

The McCaskeys cannot make up their minds what they want with the Chicago Ken Dolls. First, it was Arlington Heights. Now, they are proposing building a new stadium on the Lakefront Museum Campus. They want the land that the Lucas Museum was to be on. The shocking thing is the cheapskates and chiselers found two billion dollars in private financing. The public will own the stadium. Yeah, right. What will they come up with next? Friends of the Parks are looking into opposing the project. They should. We all should. The McCaskeys would be better off partnering with the White Sox at the 78 to have a riverfront stadium. They are not the brightest bulbs.

The Chicago Ken Dolls traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fields put up amazing statistics while in Chicago. Unfortunately, statistics are useless. They do not win games. Chicago is where quarterbacks get ruined or come to die. The McCaskeys ruined Fields, like all the other quarterbacks over the past three or more decades. The next guy will be a victim too.

Feckless Chicago Mayor, Brandon Johnson is evicting migrants from shelters, starting Sunday. At the last minute, he decided not to evict migrants with children. How humane. Migrants will have to make their own way to the city landing zone to reapply. Johnson must be the most incompetent mayor since Big Bill Thompson. Many alderpersons are upset over this and made their opinions known.

Instead of correcting former Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s mistakes, Brandon Johnson is not only compounding them but making worse decisions. The city needs an investigation into how that medical staffing company and other vendors got those big fat multi-million contracts without having any experience dealing with refugees. There had to be money passed around and maybe more still. This is Chicago and anyone who thinks this city has an honest government is living in the Twilight Zone.

Last week Texas Fuhrer Greg Abbott inked a trade deal with Great Britain. Abbott rolled his Walmart racing wheelchair into Jolly Olde England to sign the deal with British Trade Secretary, Kemi Badenoch. I guess the Brits love Nazis and human rights violators. What next? Will Abbott go to Russia and pen a deal with Putin? What exactly does Texas have to trade with the Brits or any other nation besides equine and bovine manure? (L.A. Times)

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