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Peter V. Bella Posts

Chicago we have a problem

…Johnson stressed that the Chicago police order to arrest dozens during a large teen gathering last weekend in the South Loop was constitutional and compassionate… (Chicago Tribune)

Mayor Brandon Johnson made the above statement during a press conference yesterday. He was responding to the mob of young people who created havoc, damaged property, and looted and trashed a 7-11 in the South Loop neighborhood. Can someone explain to this retired police officer WTF a compassionate arrest is? In almost thirty years and more arrests than I can count, I never heard of a “compassionate arrest.”

It only got t more ridiculous. “Unfortunately, arrests were made. Unfortunately, some damage was caused.” Unfortunately? Geebus, this guy is unfortunate. What were the police supposed to do when property is damaged and a store is looted? Hand out lollipops and send the offenders home to mommy and daddy? It was fortunate the police made arrests. It was more than unfortunate property was damaged and goods were stolen.

But wait, there’s more. The mayor took “umbrage” over a reporter referring to the mob of youths as a mob. “We’re not talking about mob actions,” Johnson said. “We have to be careful when we use language to describe certain behavior.”

So, what is the new politically correct woke term for a mob of youths creating havoc, damaging property, looting, and some carrying firearms? Have they invented a new term for this group activity? Of course, the reporters will obey the mayor as they are obsequious boot lickers, in fear of losing access. The editorial boards will get on board by not upbraiding the mayor for his ridiculousness. The Chicago news media is made up of cowards and lickspittles. There is no longer courage or fearlessness in the Chicago media.

Brandon Johnson is starting to look ridiculous. The mayor of Chicago is not supposed to look ridiculous. If mobs of young people having fun involves committing crimes, then they should be arrested, charged, and punished. Their parents should be ordered to make restitution for the damage they cause. That is fair and constitutional.

Here is a thought, since the mayor does not believe mobs of youth are not responsible for their actions. Chicago residents and business owners who suffer losses from large groups of young people running wild in their neighborhood may want to take a tip from a North Side alderman: Bill the city! The unusual suggestion came from Lakeview Ald. Bennett Lawson (44th) following an hours-long “teen trend” near the Belmont CTA station in June. (CWB Chicago) If the youth or their parents are not responsible and the police should be compassionate, then the city should pay for all criminal damage to property and looting perpetrated by these mobs. That is fair justice. That is compassionate. That is fortunate.

Then there was this. Large crowds injure 3 cops, damage CPD squad cars on northwest and southwest sides overnight. Chicago Police officers were injured trying to break up two drag racing events on the Northwest Side. Hmm, how “compassionate should the police be?”

It appears Brandon Johnson expects people to change their vocabulary to fit his compassionate and healing public safety agenda. Of course, we will see what happens if these mobs- now called trends for some stupid reason- attack his neighborhood or block. Chicago will learn just how compassionate Johnson really is. 

It appears Chicago went from dumb to dumber when they voted out Lightfoot and chose Johnson. Johnson, like most politicians, is proof education is wasted on some people. Their feelings are more important than reality. We may be looking at the next one-term mayor.

Goings and comings

Dolly Parton dropped an awesome promo video for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

Rocky Wirtz, Chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks and a businessman, passed away after a brief illness.

“Our hearts are very heavy today,” said son Danny Wirtz. “Our dad was a passionate businessman committed to making Chicago a great place to live, work and visit, but his true love was for his family and close friends. He was a loving father, a devoted husband to Marilyn, a brother, a nephew, an uncle and a doting grandfather to his six remarkable grandchildren. His passing leaves a huge hole in the hearts of many and we will miss him terribly…

Beyond his keen business acumen overseeing the Wirtz Corporation family holdings, Rocky will be remembered by those that knew him for his sharp wit, enduring loyalty and his humility. He treated everyone he met with kindness and respect whether it was a fan at the United Center, a visiting dignitary, or one of the thousands of employees with whom he worked…

His legacy includes rebuilding the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup Championships, growth of North America’s third largest wholesale beverage company, the multimillion-dollar United Center campus expansion and the development of the Fifth Third Arena on Chicago’s West Side. He was passionate about giving back to the community through the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and the thousands of families it helps. Rocky leaves behind a vast legacy of generosity and philanthropy.” (Breakthru Beverage Group)

God speed Mr. Wirtz. Your memory will live on in Chicago forever.

Mick Jagger turned 80 years young today. People keep wondering what kind of world we are going to leave behind for Jagger, Keith Richards, and Willie Nelson. As I was writing this- Sinéad O’Connor, the gifted Irish singer-songwriter who became a superstar in her mid-20s but was known as much for her private struggles and provocative actions as for her fierce and expressive music, has died at 56.” (AP) The cause of death was not reported.

On Friday, the Klairmont Kollections will open an exhibition at Navy Pier. The Retro Rides Experience will have 100 vintage cars on display. The exhibition runs through July 30th. Tickets can be purchased here. The Klairmont Kollections is a must-see museum in Chicago. They have over three hundred vintage and unusual cars on display in over 100,000 square feet of space.

Comedian Dave Chappelle will be performing at the United Center in October. His shows always sell out. For concerts, the United Center capacity is 23,500 seats. This will be another boon for the city. Chappelle is controversial and disturbing to some. Chappelle is an artist. Art is supposed to disturb. Put your big boy/girl/whatever gender you are pants on. Let the show go on.

Oh my

I took a hiatus from writing for a bit. I needed to give my fingers and what’s left of my mind a rest. Unlike other parts of the country, the summer weather in Chicago has been mild. We have not seen the high temps and humidity yet. Propane tanks were exploding in Arizona because of the heat. They can go up several hundred feet in the air.

Florida Congresscritter, Matt “Short Eyes” Gaetz and his wife, Ginger Luckey, attended the opening of the “Barbie” movie. Naturally, they dressed in Barbie-themed clothes, both looking pretty in pink.

Ms. Luckey panned the movie and recommended people not to see it. Her gripes? They portrayed Ken as a low T (testosterone) male. And, “The 2023 Barbie movie, unfortunately, neglects to address any notion of faith or family, and tries to normalize the idea that men and women can’t collaborate positively (yuck).” Whatever the f**k that means. Geez, these mackerel-snapping supposed Christians culture warriors are really getting out of hand.

She overlooked one thing. Her self-described masculine macho man husband, the dim-witted Florida Congresscritter. He was wearing a pretty pink sport coat to the preview. It is a sign of his having very low T. No high T masculine macho man wears a pretty pink jacket to a public photo-op event. Unless he/she/they/it/them/ was exploring their feminine side.

Beyonce is coming to Chicago this weekend, performing at Soldier Field. Like Taylor Swift, hotels are selling out, and the city’s hospitality industry will see another boon. Unlike the NASCAR fiasco, which we do not know what, if anything, it brought to Chicago except traffic headaches.

In the realm of you can’t make this stuff up- “Cuddle Bunny, at 2901 N. Clark St., offers boarding services for pet rabbits. It also charges visitors for in-house interactions with resident rabbits — similar to a cat cafe —and offers programming such as bunny yoga and Pilates.” (Chicago Tribune)

Singer Tony Bennett passed away. He was 96 years young. He was the best interpreter of the American songbook throughout his career. Tony Bennett was a WWII veteran. He was drafted in 1944 and saw action in Europe. An infantryman, he fought in the Battle of the Bulge, crossed the Rhine into Germany, all during a harsh winter, and helped liberate an internment/POW camp. He was awarded a Bronze Star for his actions. Bennett carried the horrors of the war with him his whole life. He became a pacifist upon his return to the states. Bennett rarely discussed his wartime exploits.

Here are two videos with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. RIP, Tony Bennett.

Oh Summer

First, my photo exhibition, Chicago in Black and White, is closing this week. I am extremely grateful to my friend, the artist Tony Fitzpatrick, for the opportunity to show and sell my work. Thank you to all those who showed up or purchased a piece. I am also grateful for the following for publicizing the exhibition:

Rick Kogan on WGN Radio and the Chicago Tribune.

Bob Chiarito for his article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

WGN Morning News

The next exhibition at Tony Fitzpatrick’s Dime/TF galleries is BOP! It is a celebration of the art of collage. Several artists will have their work on display and for sale. The image above has the date and time for the opening.

Chicago’s air quality was rated the worst in the world yesterday. This is because of the smoke from Canadian wildfires. The air looks like fog, and sometimes you can smell wood smoke. Masks came back ala COVID for many.

The New York Times shared an article about the Chicago Style Hot Dog on Facebook yesterday. They published the piece last year. The article itself was typical, along with a few minor errors. Then the writer stepped on his weiner. He had the audacity to put up his recipe for making the Chicago Style Dog. Unfortunately, his recipe was not Chicago Style, except for the toppings. It was not for cooking any style of hot dog.

He toasted the buns in a pan with butter, then sauteed the dogs in butter. Geez, he knows nothing about cooking hotdogs. Chicago hotdog buns are steamed or served from the package. Pop them in the nuker for 30 seconds if you want warm buns. No one, not even New York hotdog vendors, sauté dogs in butter. What in the Jumping Jesus is this moron doing? Doesn’t the NYT have fact-checkers for recipes? No wonder many refer to that rag as the Old Gray Hag.

Hot dogs are already cooked. Most can be eaten from the package. How to cook a Chicago Dog? In a pot with water seasoned with celery salt. Bring water to a boil, lower heat to simmer, add the dogs, and heat for 5-7 minutes. That’s the Chicago Way. Then assemble the dogs with the toppings- mustard, onions, relish, dill pickle, tomatoes, and sport peppers, also known as running it through the garden. You could sprinkle celery salt on the toppings if you like.

If the New York Times ever bastardizes recipes for Chicago Style food, Chicagoans should cancel their subscriptions. They should write scathing letters to their editors. Their supposed food writers are dumber than a box of rocks. My apologies to rocks.

Everywhere I read or listen, I see the whole Chicago news media overhyping the NASCAR race in Chicago. There is not one editorial, op-ed piece, or criticism of the insanely stupid idea. One could wonder if they were all bribed to be advertisers for this ridiculous event. This is Chicago and bribing is the Chicago Way. This is the same news media believes Chicago is safe from violent criminals. They suck up any and all XXXX rated pornographic data and data analysis from the city to pleasure themselves with.

 Upcoming is the 4th of July weekend. Stay safe. Stay off the streets at night if you can. If you must go out, go out in groups. The summer holiday weekends are usually when the most violent crimes occur. Do not be a victim. Be a survivor. The city has no plan to curtail violence, no matter what the elected political weasels claim. We are on our own.

I am writing this in my saloon office away from home. Some mook decided to play suicide music- sappy love, unrequited love, and break-up songs on the jukebox. It is no wonder there are people I want to punch in the throat.

Remembering our dads

Father’s Day is today. The Day of the Dad. The dude. Da man.

Dads will be opening gifts of ties, scents, shirts, sports-themed items, bottles of adult beverages, or other gifts. Maybe the grill will be fired up, and burgers, hot dogs, steaks, or chicken will be charred. Going out for breakfast, lunch, or dining out might be an option. Or just a lazy day with the family gathered around will be the choice.

For many of us, Father’s Day will be a day of remembrance. Our dads are gone. The late folk singer Steve Goodman remembered his father with the song “My Old Man”. We are not songwriters or singers, except maybe in the shower.

My dad was one of the smartest men I knew. Maybe the educational system was better in the 1920s and1930s. He was articulate, well-read, and could hold his own in any conversation. He knew and shared his love of Chicago history.

Dad knew people from all walks of life. From successful professionals, people eking out a living, and even some members of a certain Italian organization. He saw to it I met them all from an early age. He wanted me to see possibilities and learn the consequences.

There were only two things my dad had a passion for. His family and food. Dad was a foodie before the term was dreamed up. Grocery shopping on weekends was an excursion through various parts of the city. It could start before dawn around any holiday or special occasion.

Dad was a passionate cook, as was my mother. If they were risk-takers, they would have been successful restaurateurs or caterers. After a large meal, especially a holiday feast, Dad would lean back and say, “If I died right now, I would die happy.”

I was an adult before I really appreciated my father, maybe because he talked about his life more. My fondest memories are just sitting at the table eating bread, cheese, olives, Italian cold cuts, and maybe a few glasses of wine. Just sitting, talking, and eating.

My dad worked hard. He had no vices. His family came first and foremost. I can’t make a movie or write a song about him. I can’t write his biography. It would be boring. All I can do is give him his due today. Remembrance.

The day I became a dad, I was awed. I held that tiny baby girl in my hands, her head barely the size of my palm. I did not want to let her go. I was holding pure love. Being a dad was the greatest accomplishment of my life. It was also the hardest thing I ever did. Children do not come with user manuals. You make things up as you go along. Most times, you are right. Many times, you err.

My daughter is an adult now. She is not my little girl anymore. She constantly reminds me, “I’m still your little girl. I’m just not puny anymore.”

Maybe, someday when I am long gone, she will give me her due by remembering me. That is all I want for Father’s Day. It would be the greatest gift.

More mind drippings

“Today we met and discussed our shared values and commitment to the City of Chicago, the importance of deep roots and the need for equitable community investment throughout the city. We are both committed to the idea that the city and its major civic institutions must grow and evolve together to meet the needs of the future. We look forward to continuing the dialogue around these shared values… I want to make sure the ownership of the Chicago Bears, the Park District and the residents of the city of Chicago have a real seat at the table to discuss a pathway forward,” Johnson said, declaring himself “the hardest-working person in the city of Chicago” and promising to approach the discussions with “care, sensitivity and thoughtfulness.” (Chicago Tribune)

I have no idea what Mayor Brandon Johnson is talking about. It would be nice if, for once, he made simple declarative statements that made sense. Second, he met with the wrong person. Where were the McCaskeys? They own the Chicago Ken Dolls. They decided to slap our city in the face and move to the cultureless suburbs.

When the McCaskeys discovered Cook County was going to gouge them on property taxes, they started seeking other places to move their miserable team. It proved they inherited the cheapskate and chiseler gene from their grandfather, George Halas.

The Ken Dolls could have had a new stadium any time over the past fifty years. All they had to do was pony up some dough or get loans. First Halas, then his grandsons refused. They wanted a total freebie. Like their grandfather, the McCaskeys squeeze the penny so hard they make old Abe scream.

There is nothing for the mayor or city officials to talk about with that team. If they want to come crawling back to City Hall, they better bring big bucks, loans, or other funding. The city should not waste one red cent or time on those pikers.

The McCaskeys were dead set on leaving Chicago. Why are they crawling back? Or, is this some kind of stunt to squeeze more bucks from the burbs? Soldier Field is just fine for the Ken Dolls. It is what the management wanted. They no longer deserve anything from Chicago. Let them leave and forget them. But, their fans are as stupid as Chicago voters. If the fans turned their backs, as they should, the Ken Dolls could skulk out of Chicago.  

There is only one place the Ken Dolls should go if they are leaving Chicago. Out of business.

The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability studied the resumes of over fifty candidates who applied to be the next. Superintendent of Police. Thirty-two candidates are current or former members of the department. They are proceeding to the interview phase. They should only hire a current or former member of the department. Chicago does not need another disaster like David “Tex” Brown.

“Anthony Driver, president of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, refused to speculate on why Brown “did not want us talking to rank-and-file officers” or riding along with them. Driver would only say it was an impediment.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

Anthony Driver Jr., president of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, revealed they could not get the rank and file input. Former Superintendent Brown forbade members from meeting with the commission. The rank-and-file detested Brown, and the commission would have got a big earful on the poor state of the Chicago Police Department.

“We’re an oversight agency. It’s very difficult to be an oversight body if you’re not allowed to develop relationships with the people you’re overseeing, he said.” (Anthony Driver/Chicago Sun-Times)

A muddle of topics


I have been busy the past couple of weeks. I would like to thank all the people who came to my photo exhibition, Chicago in Black and White, over the weekend. I sold some pieces and prints. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 PM. It is at TF Projects/The Dime 1513 N. Western Avenue.

I do not delve into national politics too often. I am a jaded cynic. I believe that both political parties are two wings of the same predator, the pterodactyl. However, I am amused by the woke vs. anti-woke performative politicians and their acolytes and activists. The anti-works are some of the best comedians. They should hit the road performing at comedy clubs. They use some weird form of supposed made-up American Christianity to justify their ridiculous positions and enact laws banning this and that. They are terrified that wokism is destroying civilization.

It is apparent the extreme mackerel snappers never read the Bible. God is the greatest cause of death and destruction in history and the universe. Murders, wars, pestilence disease, slavery, natural disasters, and every other thing to destroy mankind and civilization. He created the earth and then created man. The earth and its flora, fauna, and microbes were specifically designed to kill off the human race, and civilization. God, the Great Comedian, just sits up there and laughs.

The fish lips also never read or forgot “Theology for Idiots.” God created humans in his own image. Therefore, all the people attacking others are attacking God. Funny how that good old-fashioned American Christianity fraud works, isn’t it?

The woke side is no better. It is not enough for them to point out the social flaws. They try to force people to their way of supposed thinking or destroy their lives. It is past time for someone with intelligence to take these two groups and slam their heads together until they see the errors of their ways.

Look, we may believe whatever we want. We can and should debate in a collegial fashion. However, we do not have a right to impose those beliefs on others or enact laws that deny the existence of others. Further, there is no right or responsibility to destroy people’s lives if they believe or express different beliefs or do not conform to some fake morality. Only tyranny allows that, which is what the extremists on the left and right are becoming.

People were posting “Happy D-Day” on social media. There is no happiness in celebrating the 4,413 souls lost that day. Geez, people are really stupid. It proves that the Great Comedian is right to try and keep trying to kill off humans. We are a disgrace to His divine artistry and creativity.

Chicago suffered another citywide violent crime weekend. It appears City Hall has no plan to curb the violence. They have excuses, excusing the violent criminals claiming they are traumatized and victims of something or other. We should pity them instead of punishing them. Our politicians are dumber than the Chicago voters who elect them.

Almost every day, the Chicago boosters, City Hall, and the local news media keep hyping the upcoming NASCAR street race in Chicago. Me, I hope it is a monumental failure and few people attend. Please, please do not go to this stupid event. Chicago city streets are not designed for this idiocy. Worse, the rest of the city has to be inconvenienced and there will be traffic woes. We could and should hope this event never ever happens again in Chicago. Never ever is a long, long time.

Cops migrants horses and a king

“Out-of-town candidates who have a vision of transformation and can relate to the rank-and-file — whose jobs are the toughest — ought to get the inside track over CPD veterans.”

“He (or she) doesn’t know Chicago,” should not be a deal-breaker. Candidates with the right attitude, energy and big-city experience can overcome that.” (Sun-Times/Emphasis mine)

How soon they forget “He or she doesn’t know Chicago should not be a deal breaker?” Um, maybe the Sun-Times Editorial Board’s memory is short, or they lost their collective minds. They forgot the total fiasco of David “Tex” Brown from day one to the day he walked out the door. They never once criticized Brown’s disastrous management of the police department.

The people have spoken and are speaking. During all the meetings with that wordy mouthful commission, the citizens demand a member of the Chicago Police Department to be superintendent. I guess the Sun-Tines does not care what the citizens of this city demand. They are part of the same Chicago media cabal who sat like obedient stenos faithfully recording and reporting David Brown’s lies day after day.

The rank and file of the department needs someone at the top who they can trust and respect. A person who knows them and who they know. Chicago needs someone who knows the city and the neighborhoods. We do not need some supposed “qualified”- whatever that means- mercenary, an alien from someplace else who cannot get running from day one.

“Stop playing whack-a-mole” and disrupting neighborhoods, Ald. Maria Hadden told the Sun-Times. “We need central locations. We need large spaces,” such as McCormick Place, Navy Pier or shuttered big-box stores.” (Sun-Times)

We all understand the frustration over the massive influx of legal immigrants to Chicago from Texas. However, commandeering McCormick Place, Navy Pier, or shuttered big box stores will present legal and economic challenges. The city cannot just walk in and take over these spaces. In the words of Emilio “The Wolf” Barzini, “After all, we are not communists.” (The Godfather)

Again, what the city and state should do is go to federal court or demand the Department of Justice go into federal court to get an emergency stay to stop Texas governor Greg Abbott from kidnapping/trafficking these people. Our city and state politicians are cowards and not the brightest bulbs.

The Chicago media cabal is silent on demanding the federal government take legal action against the Texas Führer over his racist strategy.

On a lighter note, the Kentucky Derby, AKA Amish NASCAR, ran yesterday. Mage, a 15 to 1 long shot, won. The horse ran the 1 1/4 miles in 2:01.57. Several horses died in the lead-up to the race. According to the Chicago Tribune, the horse paid $32.42, $14.58 and $9.08.

The seventy-something-year-old who lived on his mother’s dime for decades finally got a job. Charles and Camilla, his side chick wife, were coronated the King and Queen of England in an over-the-top ornate medieval welcome to the company ceremony. Geez, one would think a handshake and getting to work on time would be enough. It looked like Halloween, with all those silly costumes. I wonder if they went trick or treating and bobbing for apples after the ceremony.

My only question is, why the formerly oppressed Americans are so fascinated with that coronation? We kicked the Brits’ arses out of here. Why should we care about the royals of our former colonizers?

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is violating human rights

Image: N.Y. Times

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” (Plaque in the Statue of Liberty/Poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus)

Chicago’s response to a growing immigrant crisis has turned police stations into makeshift shelters where asylum seekers have been provided with expired meal rations and where infections and infestations are a common problem.” (Sun-Times)

Chicago is facing a humanitarian crisis over the forced influx of legal immigrants from the southern border. Texas Reich Governor Greg Abbott made it clear he will send more legal immigrants our way.

Many are now living in police stations for days until accommodations can be found. The Chicago Police Department is not equipped or trained to care for these people. Police officers are providing food for them, along with diapers and wipes for their babies.

No one is doing anything about it except flapping their soup coolers or remaining silent. Mayor Lightfoot complains, begs for more money, and writes love letters to Texas Governor Abbott, begging him to stop. Governor Pritzker has no solution. The U.S. Congresspeople who represent Chicago are mute, as are the two Senators. The White House is silent. Where is the Department of Justice? Nowhere to be found.

The question is why are all these people and institutions afraid of nonsensical babbling racist hate spewing fascist cowboy governor? Why didn’t anyone use his own hateful rhetoric to get a court order to stop his human trafficking/kidnapping of immigrants shipping them across the country? Why didn’t the mayor have buses and planes that brought immigrants here impounded? Where are the fat man, Ross Cascio, and the Lincoln Park Pirates when we need them?

The federal government stopped Abbott from building portions of his border wall because of environmental concerns. Evidently, environmental concerns trump human rights.

Greg Abbott and his minions should pay a massive penalty, price, or even prison for trafficking/kidnapping humans across the country for no purpose other than a racist political stunt. This grossly violates civil and human rights. It is a state incursion of federal authority over immigration.

It appears the city, state, and federal governments are doing what our governments do best, not one damn thing. In the meantime, Governor Greg Abbott gets a free pass. He is just like Putin and Hitler. Relocating people just because he can get away with it.

Abbott is laughing at us and thumbing his nose. He is reveling and wallowing in his Nazism. It is hoped Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson is smarter than Lightfoot and will immediately go to federal court to get a stay to stop the Fuhrer Abbot from trafficking/kidnapping legal aliens.

We should commend our Chicago Police Officers for the compassion they are showing the immigrants by feeding them and providing for other needs. This is another example of the police taking care of vulnerable people, even though this type of service is not in their wheelhouse. It is a good bet there will be future training for handling situations like these in the future.

Gouged again by politicians

“The city of Chicago is obliged to provide “at no cost” to the Democratic National Convention Committee “police, fire, security, bomb disposal, emergency and rescue service and all other goods or services related to security” according to the contract, obtained by the Sun-Times… Now, Illinois lawmakers, led by U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., are asking Congress for a big boost in federal cash sent to host cities to help cover costs for next year’s gathering.” (Sun-Times)

Only a moron would agree to the above terms and conditions for hosting a convention for a private enterprise. Only a less-on (Lower than a moron) would sponsor a bill asking Congress to help fund private conventions.

The Democratic and Republican parties, candidates, and PACS, rake in billions regularly. They, should pay the costs for their big gala. Not the taxpayers. This shows that neither party cares about taxpayers or wasting money. They only care about themselves. They love to gouge us every chance they get to pay for their extravagances.

The two parties have no right to demand massive freebies, straining city budgets. They should reimburse cities instead of making demands like spoiled divas. Chicago should have turned down this fiasco because of that demand. But our mayors love bread and circuses that do not benefit the people. Oh, and where were the glad-handing aldercreatures? How could they allow this to happen?

These contract demands and legislation are a perfect example of political hubris on steroids. Politicians and their party apparats have no shame. They are cheapskates and chiselers.

Like most things in Chicago, the contract was done in the backroom, with a bunch of nods and winks between all involved. I do not know one citizen who jumped and whooped for joy because of the Democratic Convention. There were no cheers or glee. Only the Mayor and politicians are celebrating this asininity. This is worse than the bone headed NASCAR event and giving Lollapalooza another ten-year contract.

We, the citizens, should be appalled and up in arms over the city’s freebie and Quigley’s legislation. Alas, most people in this city are apathetic slugs. Hell, you can’t even get people out to vote. So, we, the taxpayers, will be on the hook for a big fete, while the Democratic and Republican parties get to party hearty on our dime. Plus, we get inconvenienced because of street closures and other traffic issues.

I know the convention will be a boon for the city and its businesses. But the Democratic Party should pay for it. All of it. Every cent.