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God is not against vaccines

For some strange reason, people are still refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Now that companies are requiring proof of vaccines for their employees and the government is mandating workplace vaccines, freedumb loving people are digging their heels in deeper.

The one way out is religious exemption or accommodation. Large numbers of unvaccinated people are getting that old-time religion. They are shopping for churches they do not attend to give them a written exemption. It is a good bet those preachers of Hell, fire, and brimstone are requesting donations in return for the exemption. 

A Google search shows that there are plenty of sites providing exemption forms. Some sites purport to offer biblical quotes against vaccination as proof the faithful liars are truthful. 

There were no vaccinations in biblical times. As knowledge evolved into science, then medicine, theology accepted the changes. If people are such firm believers, they will ignore all medical procedures, cures, and remedies.

The only remedy they and their preachers are refusing on religious grounds is the COVID-19 vaccine. Talk about heresy. We used to burn heretics at the stake.

So far, In Chicago, there are no preachers or churches publicly advocating against vaccinations or mandates. No one knows what they are doing or telling congregants behind closed doors.

This stubborn, stupid resistance to vaccination is not religious. It is political. Most of the Bible-thumping preachers are more political than religious. They mix their religion with politics. If it were up to them, they would be like the Taliban.

People are refusing to vaccinate because they claim it is their right. OK. They have a right to suffer horribly and die. With rights come responsibility. These anti-vaxxers are irresponsible.

“In rural Hudson, Iowa, Sam Jones has informed his small congregation at Faith Baptist Church that he is willing to provide them with a four-paragraph letter stating that “a Christian has no responsibility to obey any government outside of the scope that has been designated by God.” (Chicago Tribune)

Sam Jones never studied theology or the Bible. It is a good bet his good book is illustrated, and he uses crayons to color the pictures. By the way, what about all the he-in and she-in, he-in and he-in, she-in and she-in, and me-in and me-in those good old-timey religious folks and preachers practice when no one is looking? 

God never said anything about disobeying the government. Neither did Jesus. There is nothing in the New Testament about God’s law trumping civil law.

We are not living thousands of years ago when the first scriptures were laid down. No one can find one biblical reference to vaccines in the Bible because there were no vaccines in antiquity.  

There are very few religions in this country that prohibit vaccinations. The few that do are of the evangelical faith-healing sects. You can find more information here.

There is no scientific correlation between the long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine to the long-term effects of death. There is no religious correlation between the long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and the eternal condemnation of one’s soul. No true believer will be condemned to Hell for getting vaccinated.

These people do not want to be vaccinated. They will do anything to avoid it, even lying in the name of God.

If you do not want to get vaccinated, you should not be allowed in the workplace. You probably will not be eligible for unemployment. You deserve to be impoverished for your ignorance.