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Show us David Brown’s contract now


Political logic- All liars are not politicians. All politicians are liars. Politicians give liars an excellent reputation.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot ran a campaign promising to end the Chicago Way. She promised transparency and accountability. She provided neither. Lightfoot is just as secretive and unaccountable as her predecessors. She lied.

She conducted the negotiations with NASCAR in private. It appears much of the 10-year negotiations with the Lollapalooza contract were done in a proverbial smoked filled backroom too. Who knows what else she does behind closed doors?

There is one other thing we know nothing about. Superintendent of Police David Brown’s contract is a secret. The city never made it public. She did not make the negotiations to bring him here from Dallas public.

This is important because she refuses to fire him over his total incompetence. One could speculate there is a termination clause in the employment contract with a huge payout if they fired him before the contract expires.

It is time Brown’s employment contract is made public. He is not technically an employee. He is an appointee. The city deserves full transparency over Brown’s hiring. The city deserves full accountability too.

We could ask why the news media is not questioning City Hall over Brown’s contract or serving a FOIA on the city for an unredacted copy. It would be a waste of time, as they are the mayor’s public relations firms and are enamored of Brown like super charged hormonal teenagers. They do not criticize him over his proven continuous failures or lies.

No past mayor would tolerate Brown’s long list of failures. No mayor would allow the total devastation of morale and esprit de corps in the police rank and file that Brown created. Every day we see violent crimes all over Chicago. On any day, any of us could be an innocent victim of a violent crime. The streets are not safe. Public transit is not safe. There is no safe in Chicago.

Yet, the mayor stands by her man. Brown is still employed and continuing to fail the citizens of this city. It is intolerable that failure is his only plan, tactic, deployment, or strategy. Time and time again.

We deserve answers. Why is failure the plan and strategy? Why is Brown still the Superintendent of Police? Why is Mayor Lightfoot protecting Brown? Why the secrecy over his contract?

Brown’s unredacted contract with the city should be made public immediately. We deserve answers. Lightfoot keeps supporting a failure. We need to know why. Lightfoot failed us. She shirked her most important duty, public safety. She is more concerned with bread and circuses, public appearances at weekend events, and her image as a good-time party hearty mayor than keeping the city safe.

The Chicago news media is failing us. They are cowards. They just nod and smile at all the lies coming from the notorious Fifth Floor of City Hall and Brown’s daily dishonest media availabilities. The big lie is alive and well in Chicago. The Chicago Way continues.

Mayor Lightfoot does not deserve another term in office. She failed the city. Lightfoot proves daily she is not fit to be mayor of Chicago.

David Brown brought discredit and shame to the Chicago Police Department. He does not deserve to wear the uniform he disgraced. He is inept and out of his league. He knows nothing about Chicago and refuses to learn. In effect, he is not only incompetent. He is ignorant.

Make his unredacted contract public. Let us see the truth.

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