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Pictures tell the truth

Image: Darren Bailey/Facebook

The city seems so serene this morning. Quiet and peaceful, but so far this Labor Day weekend, there have been over 40 shootings and 6 deaths! This is unacceptable! I stood in the South and West sides of Chicago yesterday witnessing cash drug deals and empty meth bags at my feet! This is not how it is supposed to be! This is the bad fruit of failed government, and JB Pritzker is responsible for it. As your next governor, our streets will be safe, our schools will teach our children to work and thrive, and you will benefit more from your hard work!” (Darren Bailey/Facebook Post)

GOP gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey posted the above photo on Facebook today, Apparently, he is enjoying the lux pleasures of the Gold Coast, high above the city responsible for the labor movement.

Yesterday, Darren Bailey posted several photos on Facebook with his wife attending and enjoying themselves at the Taste of Polonia on the Northwest Side. They met with, pressed the flesh, and had photos taken with the people they met.

Pictures tell the truth.

There are no photos of Bailey campaigning on the South and West Side streets of the city, not one. No photos of Bailey attending outdoor events in those neighborhoods. No photos of him meeting, greeting, or pressing the flesh with citizens in those neighborhoods. There are also no photos of cash drug deals or the empty meth bags at his feet. By the way, how does Bailey know they were meth bags? Were they labeled? Did he have them tested? How do we even know Bailey visited those areas this weekend?

Where are pictures of Bailey at Chicago’s Labor Day Parade Saturday on the Southeast Side or the earlier Bud Bilikin Day Parade? Where are pictures of Bailey at other major public events in Chicago?

How is Governor Pritzker responsible for the decades-long problems plaguing those neighborhoods? What about all the past Democrat and Republican governors? Were they too responsible for the public safety issues in Chicago?

What about the state legislature that he is a member of? Will he bypass their powers, wave his wand, and save Chicago? Does Darren Bailey even know about the separation of powers or how Illinois government is supposed to operate? By the way, Bailey voted no on every public safety bill passed by the legislature this year, including the prohibition of the sale and possession of ghost guns and law enforcement notifying the F.B.I. if human remains cannot be identified within 72 hrs.  

Darren Bailey never states how he is going to solve these intractable issues if, by the slim to none chance, he is elected. He has no solutions or policies. Not one. He is all talk and empty vague promises.

The governor is not responsible for crime control or education in Chicago. The governor cannot keep Chicago’s streets safe. The mayor and City Council are responsible for public safety and education. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the City Council failed Chicago.

Bailey avoids the Chicago news media like the plague. They are rarely, if ever, at the events he attends in the city. Why didn’t he have them on hand to record the supposed drug sales and meth bags? Why didn’t he have them follow him campaigning on the streets of the South and West Sides?

Every time Darren Bailey flaps his soup coolers about Chicago he exposes his total ignorance of urban issues, especially public safety, education, and the limited powers of the governor.

Darren Bailey is no champion of public safety or any other critical urban issue. To advocate issues, one needs knowledge of them. Bailey lacks knowledge of urban issues and basically anything else. He must be the most unlearned gubernatorial candidate to run for high office in this state in modern times. Unfortunately, he will still have his seat in the state senate when he loses the election, where he can vote no on more public safety issues.

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