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The Politicians of Walmart

Image: PV Bella

There are Facebook pages dedicated to the People of Walmart, poking fun at the dress and antics of some Walmart shoppers. There is another humorous phenomenon, the Politicians of Walmart, POWs. They bring a clown show to our current state of political toxicity.

“How many of the women rallying against overturning Roe are over-educated, under-loved millennials who sadly return from protests to a lonely microwave dinner with their cats, and no bumble matches?” (Matt Gaetz R. Redneck Riviera)

Matt Gaetz’s statement proves he does not know women, adult women. He does know girls if news media reports of investigations into his dalliances are accurate. Gaetz is disappointed that Girl Scout Cookie sales went online, dwindling his prospects for person-to-person “transactions.” Gaetz, like other POWs, has a strange fascination with pedophilia and grooming. Gaetz voted against human and sex trafficking bills, which is understandable as they would jeopardize his recreational activities.

Trailer Park High School prom queen, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R. Hooters), is a mood swing away from walking through Walmart wearing nothing but a firearm. She could be the Hustler pin-up girl for the Politicians of Walmart. When she is not babbling about Jewish Space Lasers or the Gazpacho Police, Greene spends her spare time praying to the Great Comedian to help her remember what her job is. A late-night social commentator broke the news that Greene wants to introduce a bill to ban water polo to protect horses from drowning.

POW, Madison Cawthorn (R. Assville), wants to participate in the cross-dressing paralympic airport pistol championship. He is pursuing a contract with Victoria’s Secret for a line of lingerie for concealed carry of firearms. He races his wheelchair against people with electric shopping carts through Walmarts in his spare time.

POW Ted Cruz (R. Cancun) won the prestigious 2022 Canadian Hoser of the Year Award (Cruz was born in Canada). The American Hirsute Society voted his beard the creepiest in the nation. The Society claimed dogs with mange look better. He is another POW with a deep interest in pedophilia and grooming. That is probably the reason for the creepy beard.

Senator Josh Hawley (R. Misery), another POW, was being considered for the part of deputy Enos Strate in the next remake of the “Dukes of Hazard.” Hawley wanted the role of Daisy Duke, but the producers wanted Lauren Boebert (R. Cowpoke). Hawley, too has a strange predilection for pedophiles and grooming.

Boebert, another POW, wanders the firearms section of Walmarts wearing short shorts, revealing tops, and packing a pistol to lure men into buying her ammo. She and Taylor Greene are contemplating joining Only Fans to fundraise for their campaigns. It is unknown if they will share the page (activities) or open separate accounts.

Not all POWs are in Congress.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is a Politician of Walmart. He is positioning himself to be the potential first President of the United States from the POW community. DeSantis is the poster boy for all freedumb lovin, Old Glory wavin ‘Mericans. His beef with Disney has nothing to do with their stance on the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation he proposed and signed. DeSantis wanted to work as a character in the theme park. He was turned down for the part of Goofy. Disney recruiters felt he was not smart enough to play the role and feared he would terrify children.

Freedumb loving POW, Texas Governor Greg Abbot dreams of becoming the Nation of Texas Fuhrer. He uses his private army, the Texas National Guard, to protect his fiefdom from the “invasion” at the southern border. He is bussing the invaders to various other places in the country, reminiscent of the Third Reich. Abbot is being considered for the role of Hitler in the remake of Mel Brooks, “The Producers.”

There are plenty more Politicians of Walmart. These are just the most prominent ones. It is easy to find Politicians of Walmart. They wear Vote for Me buttons. Their campaign literature looks like it was written with crayons.

There are also POTs, Politicians of Target, which will be dealt with in another piece.

The Gaspacho Police

Image: PV Bella

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R/Ga) may be in serious hot water. This week the Georgia Congresswoman and conspiracy theory promoter revealed something leaving congressional leaders from both parties and both houses fuming. Greene discovered that Congress has a secret Gazpacho Police. Research on the internet showed there have been unconfirmed rumors of this congressional force swirling around.

The group’s full name is Czernina Gaspacho Gans Schreitender (GGGS). They are a secret force created by the congressional leadership of both parties to spy on the public, members of Congress, the White House, and make secret arrests when warranted. The reason for the foreign name was deniability. If the GGGS was discovered, they would be accused of being extremist foreign spies.

The idea for the GGGS was broached after the election of Donald Trump and far-right and left congress members. Congressional leaders knew the four years would be tumultuous and possibly treasonous. They needed a specialized group to conduct intelligence on various political organizations and their supporters working in or elected to government.

They formed the GGGS. GGGS agents are not part of the Capitol Police Force, nor are they members of federal law enforcement or the intelligence communities. They work directly for and report to the congressional leadership, the House Speaker, the Senate Majority Leader, and the minority leaders of both Houses. The leadership formed a secret committee to administer the GGGS.

Kluski Lane is the Director of the GGGS. Lane is one of the most famous intelligence operatives no one has ever heard of. He is a shadowy man of mystery and intrigue. His only vice is the appetite of a gourmand. Lane will eat anything, especially if there are noodles involved. Lane has been around for decades. He is the go-to guy when things boil over.

Lane picked an old comrade in arms for his number two, Dieter Pekingente. Pekingente was notorious for ducking congressional subpoenas investigating the Alabio -Gate affair. The chief of interrogations is Maiale Sanguinaccio, a veteran of the CIA, FBI, DEA, DIA, and other alphabet federal agencies. It is rumored he is related to the Brooklyn branch of the secretive Scrofa mafia family in Sicily. He personally selects and trains GGGS interrogators.

GGGS agents were carefully selected by Lane and put through a rigorous training regimen at the ultra-secret Area 51. The selection process itself was extremely brutal. It took three years for the GGGS to be fully manned, trained, and equipped. They are equipped with all the latest intelligence-gathering technology, lethal and non-lethal weaponry, including space lasers, and an unlimited off-the-books budget routed through the Bahamas.

The GGGS logo is l’oeil puant itinérant qui ne dort jamais.

GGGS has been very effective this past year. GGGS are interrogating the January 6th insurrectionists, AKA protesters expressing peaceful political discourse. The insurrectionists were moved to a special, sealed-off area in the DC Metropolitan jail after being visited by Greene and other elected officials. Relocating them to Guantanamo was considered and rejected.

It is rumored members of the GGGS went after ANTIFA, especially in the Pacific Northwest. If you noticed, many ANTIFA groups disappeared from protests and other activities. Other far left and right groups are being investigated, infiltrated, interrogated, incarcerated, and discredited including the Proud Boys, Q’anon, Oath Keepers, BLM, Democratic Socialists, and others.

The CIA is under fire by Congress for a secret data collection program of American citizens. The program, developed by the CIA’s Kitchen Works Lab, is being run by the GGGS. GGGS shares information with the CIA and other intelligence agencies when necessary.

GGGS powers are unlimited. They have the power to secretly investigate, arrest, and interrogate members of Congress at the behest of the leadership. Rumors are swirling that Greene is on the top of their list for “special treatment” for exposing their existence. Other extremist members of Congress are also being scrutinized.

For more information on the GGGS, you can find sources here:

Czernina  Gaspacho  Gans  Schreitender

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Dieter Pekingente


Maiale  Sanguinaccio

Scrofa Family


Image: PV Bella

We are the champions, my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions of the World
(Queen Music Limited)

“In the month of August, the US has so far reported more than 1.5 million new cases of Covid-19, more than three times the numbers for Iran and India — which now hold second and third place, JHU data shows. And the seven-day average has topped more than 135,000 cases, well ahead of other nations.” 

Yep, the good ole USA is number one. We are on top. We are beating other nations and beating them bad. Cry freedom. God, guns, apple pie, mom, sex, drugs, rock and roll, and COVID make us the top dogs in the world. WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!

We must celebrate those good ole southern patriots who gave our nation of freedom lovin, God fearin, people this distinction. The South finally rose agin, makin ‘Merica NUMBA ONE. Git them gold medals ready. Break out the bands and fireworks. There oughta be ticker-tape parades in our major cities for these selfless American heroes.

How did our nation get this honor? Freedom! We are born free, and we will die free, from COVID.

Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to Louisiana for the highest number of cases per capita, followed by Florida. In Alabama, there is a surge in teenagers and children coming down with COVID. They are suffering some of the worst symptoms. God shine his blessings on Team Bama and the COVID Tide for standing tall against dictatorship.

COVID cases are spreading fast across the south and southwest regions of the nation. These are regions where people only worship and fear God, not the false idol, so-called science.

Yep, folks, those good ole boys and gals made us proud. This is what freedom is all about. The great ‘Merican experiment of a free country is a proven success. A free people have the God givin right to suffer and die a horrible death. Freedom is ringing out across the south and southwest. Hot damn, Bubba! I git goosebumps over the pride I feel of being number one.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should get the Congressional Medal of Freedom for helping to put our country in the number one position for his promotion of freedom. He is the voice of freedom in this nation, tilting towards dictatorship. DeSantis is the epitome of freedom-loving leaders. He took a stand, stood his ground, and is still standing tall and proud. That, people, is what ‘Merican Way is all about.

While most of the nation followed experts in infectious diseases, DeSantis and other elected officials got their information scrolling through their cell phones while sitting on the toilet or in the outhouse. This proves the great American axiom, “Some of the best and brightest ideas come while sittin and s**tin.

Who needs masks, distancing, and vaccines? As one of the great philosophical sages of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene, stated the other day, “We can’t live forever.” Man, that gal sure talks pretty. We all gonna die is the red, white, and blue biblical truth. Wrap her in Bubble Wrap Stars and Stripes and put her on the cover of a magazine or in a tire company pin-up calendar. Greene should be the spokeswoman for Kohler or Glacier Bay. Dang, and ain’t that Senator, Rand Paul sumptin. He should be the poster boy for Charmin.

I, for one, am embarrassed and ashamed to live under the dictatorship of Chicago, where masking was mandated and still is in some situations. I am ashamed those vaccinations are so rampant. I do not feel like a red-blooded patriot who does not want to live forever. I am ashamed to admit I submitted to wearing the dreaded mask, got vaccinated, and kept away from my fellow Americans. I feel sullied that I did not love my country enough to fight, suffer, and die for freedom.

It is embarrassing that Chicago, with its stellar medical institutions, could be so far behind the COVID curve. We should be number one. We should be the winners. But, no, we did not listen to the toilet bowl and outhouse experts. We followed the “science.”

There is something very wrong in this country when red-blooded patriots are willing to suffer and die for freedom while the rest live in dictated safety. Those southerners from Louisiana and Florida and the rest of the South and Southwest are the true frontline heroes, fighting to keep freedom alive, suffering and dying for our country. Elected officials like DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbot are the toilet bowl and outhouse generals leading the charge to keep freedom alive and giving the death knell to dictatorship.

God bless America, God bless those sick and dying heroes, God bless their leaders for making America number one.