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This is no way to run a city

Image: PV Bella

“We are saddened and extremely frustrated by this situation, and we express our sincerest apologies to the impacted families for the inconvenience this has caused — especially with such short notice,” CPS said in a statement.” (Chicago Tribune)  

A school bus shortage will leave approximately 2100 students in Chicago without rides to their schools. According to the Chicago Tribune, 90 bus drivers resigned last week. Parents are scrambling to figure out how to get their children to school. CPS is offering a $1000 stipend for the first two weeks and $500 a month until the issue is resolved. Oh, and they are saddened?  How nice.

How did CPS not see this coming? CPS is another train wreck in this city. They spent time arguing with the teacher’s union over opening schools, ignoring other important issues, like bus drivers. One could wonder who is in charge at CPS? Someone needs to get fired over the lack of bus drivers. This is a national issue and was reported in national news media. How did no one see this as a potential problem and plan for it?

There is a sexual misconduct scandal at the Chicago Park District and a second scandal over the firing of the investigator. It appears no one really cares about it except the victims and some in the news media. #MeToo, anyone?

COVID cases are rising again. Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to make vaccinations a condition of employment but will not state the consequences for those who refuse to get them. The employee unions are frustrated and confused. Oh, and some of her staff is not vaccinated. Rank has its privileges.

People are getting bills for the 6mph speed cameras, and there is only a short window to pay before the fine doubles or triples. No one believes this is about traffic safety. It is a cash grab, more like highway robbery, just like the parking boxes.

Crime is out of control all over the city. Every plan is failing. Even the so-called “quiet” neighborhoods are plagued by violence. Nowhere is safe. People are getting fed up. Superintendent David Brown was supposed to hold a press conference this morning. Crickets.

The City Council is a fractured warring group of mobs, politely called caucuses, who are better at fighting each other and the mayor than doing their six-figure part-time jobs. They are getting worse than the warring do-nothing United States Congress.

Some in the business community are fed up too. There are daylight street robberies in the Loop along with other crimes. Michigan Avenue is experiencing a spate of major thefts in broad daylight. River North is up for grabs. Businesses will suffer if people do not feel safe coming downtown or other nearby areas, especially at night.

Big business is also looking at these conditions. Some are returning people to the workplace. They are questioning if the city can keep their employees safe. It is a double whammy, COVID, and physical safety.

The problems keep adding up and no one has solutions. We get no answers from the people in charge. It appears the people responsible are either inept or do not care. Citizens are questioning who is in charge of Chicago.

Lightfoot lost the Police Department, many if not most of the teachers, and other city employees who provide services. She has few people to turn to and whatever advice she is getting is bad. She is marching down the road of righteousness. She is right and everyone else is wrong.

The past year and a half have been one thing after another. When the mayor gets called out, she plays the race card or some other card and walks away. Many in the news media no longer trust her or her spokespeople. Why would they?

This is no way to run a city. Lightfoot’s popularity is plunging. People are fed up. As bad as some of the past mayors were, they had a handle on things. Very little got past them. When serious issues or scandals arose, heads rolled. There were no sacred cows.

Lightfoot is short on goodwill and long on flimsy excuses. It can’t last. Chicago is being run into the ground. Many of the alderpersons do not care, just look at the conditions in their wards.

The 150th Anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire is around the corner. Chicago has another historic smoldering fire, and its epicenter is the fifth floor of City Hall.

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