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The Chicago Bears Day of the Dead

Image: PV Bella

“We are the Bears’ stumbling’ crew

Stumbling on down, doin’ it for brew

We’re so bad, we know we’ll lose

Blowin’ our games cause we wanna choose

You know we’re just stumbling for fun

Stumbling our stuff for everyone

We’re not here to start no tumble

We’re just here to do the Chicago Bears Stumble”

Sunday was the Chicago Bears Day of the Dead.

The sportswriters will dissect the game after the McCaskey Bear’s 38-3 fiasco against the Buccaneers. Granted, the Bear’s offense and defense suck. But that is the fault of management. They hire, field the players, and call the plays. The coaching staff is supposed to, well, coach. It looks like management and coaching are miserably failing.

Bears management threw quarterback Justin Field to the wolves. Tampa ate him up and kept asking for more, then, licked the plate clean. A rookie quarterback cannot develop into a good or great one if there is no good offense. The defense faired no better.

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy created the Disaster Bears. They should have been fired after last season. The Bears upper management and owners are as cheap as George Halas, as it would take a great deal of money to bring a winning coach and general manager to Chicago.

At least the Cubs are Loveable Losers. There is no love lost for the Bad News Bears. On all counts, the Bears management failed the team and, worse, the fans. Hell, from all appearances, some of our local high school teams can beat the Bears, as they have better coaching staff. 

Nagy is the worst Bears coach since Abe Gibron (1972-1974). Those of us old enough to remember are seeing a repeat of those torturous years. While Gibron was a losing coach, he was a beloved personality in Chicago. Nagy is despised. 

Leading up to Sunday’s game, all the sports talk was about Tom Brady and his offensive team. They highlighted the pitfalls the Bears would face. I heard little about Justin Fields, other than the Bears preparing him for Tampa’s blitz. The team and management failed.

The game was lost in the first quarter, with the Bucs up 21-0. By halftime, Team Brady was up 35-3. It was an embarrassment. The Buccaneers. came on the field to win. Did the stumbling Bears know why they were even there? 

It is hard to tell who is more incompetent in the Bear’s organization, the ownership, management, players, or a combination of all three. Something must be done to turn this ship of fools around. 

I foresee fans showing up wearing paper bags over their heads, like New Orleans Saints fans used to do some years back when they were so horrible. The cameras loved it, especially if the fans wrote messages on the bags.

From social media posts, Bear’s fans are royally pissed off. It is enough to turn the hardest hard-core Bears fans into Packers fans. 

Bottom line, the McCaskey’s and Ted Phillips must make some hard decisions now before the Bears replace the Detroit Lions in last place. 

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