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Do You Feel Safe

Image: PV Bella

To Date:

  • 825 homicides
  • 776 souls shot and killed
  • 3628 people shot and wounded
  • 4404 total people shot
  • 1646 carjackings

Multiple street robberies are a daily occurrence. Some are being described as flash mob robberies in many areas.

With crime, especially violent crime affecting every neighborhood in Chicago, do you feel safe in your community? Do local businesses feel safe? Do you feel safe going out for a walk or driving?

In Chicago, there is no longer a safe community. We are all potential crime victims, no matter where we live or go.

It is the responsibility of our local government to arrest, prosecute and punish criminals. Our local officials are irresponsible by setting them free without consequences or accountability. This is one reason we are witnessing rampant criminality over the past two years. It is systemic institutional stupidity.

We have a County Board president who will not allow the courts to function properly. The State’s Attorney will not prosecute felonies, allows violent criminals to plea bargain down to misdemeanors, and has little objection to low or no bail. Our mayor gave up and caved in to the County Board President and State’s Attorney. Her past criticisms generated over-the-top emotional responses with the generous assistance of our doting news media. The mayor was shut up and shut down.

We have an incompetent Superintendent of Police who should have been fired well over a year ago. All of his plans, deployments, and strategies failed and continue to fail. The rank-and-file officers are demoralized and overworked with their days off canceled.

Local government’s first responsibility is public safety. Our county and city governments are not protecting us. Our elected do not care about the crime victims, their families, the communities, or the businesses victimized and traumatized by criminals. They do not possess a scintilla of empathy.  Our news media, which are supposed to be watchdogs, are lap dogs. They love to get their ears scratched, maybe a belly rub, and some kibble from elected officials. They are loyal pets.

I care about the people in my city. I care about the businesses, large and small. I worry about families who may just want to leave home without the fear of getting shot, robbed, or carjacked. I think of parents who worry about sending their children off to school, out to play or any other activity away from home.

Public safety is the first responsibility of governance. Our public servants are epically failing us. Chicago is spiraling out of control, and our officials could care less. They are gearing up for the 2023 election cycle. Soon they will be touting their failures as achievements.

We elected these people, and we can get rid of them. They should get the message loud and clear, protect us now, or we will oust you in 2023.

On another issue, 33rd Ward Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez denied a zoning change for an apartment and townhouse development in her ward. The developer submitted changes to their plan. Her response to their timing is priceless and typical of our lazy Chicago politicians.

 “They didn’t communicate with us until after we let them know we were going to deny their zoning change. Then Lexington responded that they were going to make significant changes they were going to send me,” Rodriguez-Sanchez said. “Next week is winter break, what are you talking about? You want us to check your revisions over the holidays?” (Block Club Chicago)

Yes, alderwoman, we expect you to work over your “winter break.” You are a mere servant. You serve us. We pay you an over-generous six-figure salary with Rolls Royce benefits and perks for what is, by definition, a part-time job. So, yeah, we expect some value for money. Maybe you should resign and get a real job if anyone would be irresponsible enough to hire you.

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