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The Godmother

“You make some kind of secret agreement with Italians. … You are out there stroking your d—- over the Columbus statue, I am trying to keep Chicago police officers from being shot and you are trying to get them shot,” Lightfoot said, according to the complaint. “My d— is bigger than yours and the Italians, I have the biggest d— in Chicago.” (Mayor Lori Lightfoot/Chicago Tribune)

Chicago mayors are known for their colorful, quotable language. In the long list of mayoral quotes, Mayor Lori Lightfoot tops them all. Past Chicago mayors never bragged about the size of their d**ks. Lightfoot’s comment begs the question, are her balls as big as the bat?

This will go down as the best quote from a Chicago mayor. She sounds like a gangster. The original OG Mayor.

She went full OG on a Chicago Park District lawyer who is now filing a lawsuit against her. The conversation was over allowing Italian Americans to use a Christopher Columbus statue in a Columbus Day Parade and negotiations for keeping one of the statues in a near-west side park.

If you substitute Blacks or Hispanics for Italians, there would be howls and protests, maybe even a fresh round of rioting. Lightfoot sounds like the government tapes that recorded the late crime boss, John Gotti. Will she now imitate Italians by grabbing her crotch, saying, “I got your ____ right here!”

Since da mahr went full OG, she needs a theme song. Maybe one of our local rappers can come up with the “Theme from the Godmother” with some symphonic touches. How about an artist doing a Godmother picture ala The Godfather, with Lightfoot sitting behind a desk, stroking a cat? The best cat in Chicago.

I heard a lot of d**k jokes and size claims during my life. I never heard an elected official make those jokes or comparisons. I heard a lot of ridiculous or even scandalous things elected officials said. None of them mentioned genitalia.

Lightfoot’s claims about her caring for police officers getting shot are bogus. Lightfoot does not care about Chicago Police Officers. She threw Chicago Police Officers under the bus early in her administration. The bus ran over them when Lightfoot hired David “Tex” Brown as Superintendent of Police. She continues to run them over forward and backward.

The city is out of control. Criminals rule the streets. Lightfoot insults Italians. Who is next? The Poles, Irish, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, or other ethnic groups? Not even Rahm Emanuel, known for his creative vulgarity, would get caught in a contest over who has a bigger d**k or the biggest d**k in Chicago.

Lightfoot responded to the allegation claiming she holds no animus toward the Italian community. Yet, Italian men are looking down, wondering how a female Black gay mayor could claim to have a bigger d**k than them. Other men from various ethnicities and races are doing the same, wondering how she could have the biggest d**k in Chicago. Even some of the male aldermen are looking down and wondering.

Hey, John Kass, we have the March Moutza, Lori Lightfoot, with her bigger and biggest d**k in Chicago. You just cannot make this stuff up.

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