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It is not a crime unless…

Image: PV Bella

Her name is Nyzireya Moore. She is dead. She was twelve years old. She was shot in the head on Tuesday while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Three men were firing guns at another car, the Chicago Spray and Pray Way. Nyzireya Moore is another innocent child victim of Chicago’s unrelenting violence.

While Mayor Lightfoot brags about the size of her d**k, no one is speaking for the dead. Nyzireya Moore will be one more forgotten child murdered on Chicago’s streets. Lightfoot paralyzed the Chicago Police Department. Kim Foxx is a joke as a prosecutor. Chicago Machine Boss Toni Preckwinkle’s “progressive” policies literally kill people. Preckwinkle and Foxx care more about the welfare of criminals and their families than the lives of children or the general public.

Lightfoot and Foxx are masters of emotional oration, defending themselves against critics. They put award-winning thespians to shame. Yet, not once have they displayed emotion over the murder of innocent children. Not once have they shed a tear over the murder of children.

The citizens of this city are mute too. There should be constant mass protests demanding change. All we hear about is guns, inanimate objects, killing people. Humans are not responsible or held accountable. There are other inanimate “objects” killing people in Chicago. The misguided, ill-informed, and ridiculous policies implemented, executed, doubled, and tripled down by Lightfoot, Preckwinkle, and Foxx. They celebrate their failures as successes.

Even mediocre leaders know you change course when things do not work. The grand experiment failed. The proof is in the death toll.

The news media, AKA the City Hall/County Building PR Firm, is also culpable. They are failing us by their silence over the violence. They keep hyping the failures of our politicians. They tout themselves as watchdogs. Watchdogs are supposed to bark and bite. Chicago news media are toy lap dogs, begging for treats, ear scratches, and belly rubs. It is disgraceful.

Chicago is a city of scoundrels. They are in City Hall, the County Building, the Editorial Boards, and the general population. The silence over murders and other violent crimes in this city is deafening.

While people in this city are rightfully protesting the Russian atrocity in Ukraine and showing their solidarity, they are deathly silent on the daily atrocities terrorizing all our neighborhoods. They are silent on the death of children. They have no solidarity with each other. Lives do not matter in Chicago.

No one cares about murder and violence until it happens to them or a member of their family. Murder and violence are like oxygen. No one discusses or cares about oxygen until someone’s hands are squeezing their throat.

If you want to see what is driving violence in this city, just look in the mirror. Your silence on murders, especially child murders, is consent on steroids.

So good fellow citizens, stay silent and keep consenting to murder. But please do one thing for yourselves. Pray you or your children are not murder victims. Pray that you or your family members are not murder victims. Remember, it is not a crime if it does not happen to you or yours.

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