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Uptown Update is the voice of precious privilege

Last updated on April 16, 2022

Image: PV Bella

As we understand it, there are up to 12 different laws being broken every day the homeless encampments stay in place (the Americans With Disabilities Act, Illinois statutes, City ordinances and Park District Code). (Uptown Update)

The anonymous* oh-so-precious overprivileged people at the Uptown Update have their silk knickers in a wedgie over the homeless encampments on Lawrence Avenue under DuSable LSD and in the park between Lawrence and Wilson. There were fires in the encampments, over the past weeks, causing propane tanks to explode.

They probably wrote this piece while sipping their 14-ingredient soy latte, with multiple syrups, whipped oat cream, and sprinkles on top. Or maybe some kind of chai. It must be nice to pound their chests and keyboards with their snooty class privilege. Uptown Update is a shining bad example of gentrification.

For whatever reasons, homelessness is a growing and increasingly severe problem in Chicago. There are other larger and smaller encampments throughout the city. Chicago has been ignoring the mass homeless problem for years. Occasionally, the city goes out with the news media in tow to highlight the issue and show what they are pretending to do about it. The media laps it up and showers praise on City Hall.

The syphilitic parasitics at Uptown Update, like the two aldercritters, Cappleman and Osterman, do not care about the plight of the homeless so long as they are gone, poof disappeared. Voila!

Uptown Update cites laws that are being broken. I bet they do not cite laws being broken daily with abandon by the two-wheeled terrorist cyclists, endangering pedestrians, and themselves. It is also a good bet Uptown Update never cites laws broken by the criminals on public transportation who think buses and trains are their private dining areas or cafes. Many lawbreakers probably live in Uptown.

Who knows? Maybe some or all the anonymous people at Uptown Update are desperados, breaking those laws with impunity. The terrorist cyclists, diners, and sippy cup sippers on public transportation do not follow the law, are not being asked to, and are never cited for their criminality.

While many issues cause homelessness, including alcohol and substance abuse, mental illness, or financial reasons where people give up hope, no one chooses to be homeless.

For decades the city ignored impoverished people. Now, they ignore the homeless. Solutions were offered to mitigate the problem through the decades. None were tried. So far, my enlightened solution has been ignored.

Most shelters fill up quickly before nightfall, and the homeless must be out by morning. Others have strict rules that make it difficult for people suffering from substance abuse or mental handicaps to comply with.

Uptown Update may be fed up and want to give voice to their readers, but who is giving voice to the homeless? All over Uptown, gentrified housing developments are being built or planned, with the gleeful willingness of the aldercritters and celebrated by Uptown Update. Yet, no transitional housing with social, educational, medical, mental health, or other services is being planned or built to assist the homeless. Not in Uptown or the rest of the city.

The prim and proper obsessive diaper sniffers at Uptown Update and the aldercritters are the NIMBY people- NOT IN MY BACK YARD.!!! If there is something that will help someone else, they are against it. They are all for one, one for all, and everyone for themselves.

The final solution the NIMBYs at Uptown Update demand is for the city and state to apply the law- “…drive the homeless from public land.” Where are they going to be driven off to? Are the homeless livestock? Are they advocating for a human cattle drive? Or do they want them driven to another neighborhood, making them someone else’s problem? , it is the right thing to do for the community at large and for the people who are living in extremely dangerous conditions.” Hitler did, and Putin is doing what they thought is the “right thing,” too. They drove and are driving people like cattle to other places. It is called atrocity.

Spare me the faux outrage over the Hitler and Putin comparisons. When you advocate treating humans like animals- driving them- you are no better than those two villains. You are evil personified. I don’t think Uptown Update and the neighborhood residents know who the hell they are. They look at themselves in the mirror and see nothing. If they do happen to see someone, they expect the image staring back at them to say hello first.

Uptown Update and the residents of Uptown are merciless, cruel, and bear ill will towards anyone not privileged like them. After them, everyone else comes first.

*On the Uptown Update site there are no real names of “reporters” on the pieces. There is no name of an editor or publisher. There is not even an About Page. It is a total anonymous publication. Makes one wonder who is really behind Uptown Update, and who they really speak for or promote, and who pays them off. What are the cowards at Uptown Update afraid of? Exposure? Inquiring minds want to know.

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