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Get out and vote today

Image: PV Bella

Today, I will head to the polling place to vote. I am voting like my life depends on it. You should vote like your life depends on it too, because, in Chicago, it does.

Elections have consequences. Past local- city and county- elections had devastating consequences for Chicago. Murder and mayhem are the norms across the entire city. Walking or driving is not safe. Shopping is not safe. Riding public transportation is not safe. Chicago is no longer a safe city to live in. Any of us could be innocent victims of violence or murder.

I recently read that the early voting numbers in Chicago are down from the past two elections. That is a travesty. People who do not vote do not care. They do not care about governance or their fellow citizens. People who do not vote are pathetic.

Voting is one of the most patriotic duties and rights you can practice. All that red, white, and blue flag-waving and chest-thumping bull droppings does not make you a patriot if you do not do your part. Not voting is akin to treason in my book.

I will not vote for Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle. Her erroneous and failing criminal justice reforms are driving the rampant violent crime in Chicago. Toni Preckwinkle did not implement these so-called reforms because she believes in them. She instituted them to balance the county budget. Prosecuting, trials, and housing prisoners in the Cook County Jail cost too much money. The blood of all the murder and shooting victims in Chicago is on her hands.

The other reason I refuse to vote for her is she is the Boss of the Chicago Democratic Machine and the Chicago Way. Toni Preckwinkle originally ran as a foe of machine politics. When she was first elected, she inherited the Machine and kept it alive and well. Toni Preckwinkle is the lowest form of a liar.

Next year, there will be elections for the City of Chicago mayor and the city council. Lori Lightfoot is a disaster. She refuses to accept her Superintendent of Police, David Brown, is an epic failure. In an act of cowardice, she let Toni Preckwinkle shut down her criticism of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her policies, which are driving the violent crime in Chicago.

Chicago elections are non-partisan. There should be no allegiance to political parties, platforms, or party leaders. Lightfoot must go. So should any other Chicago elected officials who proudly identify with a political party.

Any alderperson who was silent or came up with ridiculous ideas, like if you see something blow something, must go. Their silence or stupidity contributed to the violent crime in Chicago. Their stubborn refusal to hold the mayor and her feckless Police Superintendent responsible is appalling. No one deserves reelection. They must earn it. Most members of the Chicago City Council did not earn to be reelected.

Only we hold the power to change or reform our government. Our county and city governments are failing us. It is time for reform. Throw the bums out. That is the only lesson they understand. We should make sure, from now on, that every elected official has paralyzing fear in their hearts that we can send them to the unemployment line. That is the only way to affect change and achieve real reform.

If you do not vote, you are personally responsible for all the victims of murder and mayhem in Chicago.

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