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Battle of the billionaires

Image: Bailey Campaign/Digitally modified by PV Bella

“And if we are going to restore Chicago, somebody’s got to tell the truth. I said it, and when I’m elected as governor I’ll fix the problem and we will restore the greatness to Chicago.” (Darren Bailey on crime in Chicago/Chicago Tribune)

Who is this “we” Darren Bailey is talking about? If, and it is a big if, Bailey should somehow win the gubernatorial race, how will he and he alone “fix” the problem? Will he ride into town on a tractor, wearing his OshKosh B’Gosh and toting a shotgun? Is he going to storm City Hall? Will he wade in from Lake Michigan, storming the beaches wearing Speedos?

What does Darren Bailey know about Chicago? Not one damn thing. Chicago is a great city, a world-class city. Like all great cities, it has issues. Some are intractable. Chicago is not some postage stamp-sized rural village like Xenia, Illinois, where Bailey hails from.

Darren Bailey is delusional. He could not change a lightbulb, let alone “fix” Chicago’s crime problems. Maybe Bailey should read Civics for Dummies or the Idiot’s Guide to Civics. Hopefully, those are picture books so he can color the images with crayons.

The mayor of Chicago is responsible for public safety in Chicago, along with the State’s Attorney and the Cook County courts. Yes, they are failing because past elections had devastating consequences.

Bailey has no knowledge about urban issues or the socio-cultural drivers of urban crime. From all appearances, no one on his campaign team or political consultants does either. He knows nothing about urban policing or the criminal justice system. As far as I can tell, Bailey is a Know-Nothing. The Know-Nothings are rising from the sewer infecting local, state, and federal politics.

The governor of Illinois is not a dictator. They cannot arbitrarily do anything they want. There is a Democratic super majority in the state legislature. If Bailey proposes any “crime” legislation, it will be soundly defeated. Their executive powers are limited.

Bailey is the worst type of politician, a charlatan, and a fraud. All he does is spew fumes. There is no substance, just odorous flatulence. The Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidates are the worst bunch of goobers to run in the GOP primary and then against Governor Pritzker. If you are a Republican, your only choices are bad, worse, and worst, and swirling down the toilet.

Richard Irvin’s campaign is tanking, despite 50 million dollars from Ken Griffin. Bailey received 9 million dollars from entrepreneur Richard Uihlein. Uihlein also gave an independent expenditure group 8.1 million dollars to run ads to support Bailey and attack Irvin. We have the battle of the billionaires in Illinois. Pritzker, in the governor’s mansion, and two others trying to oust him.

Griffin and Uihlein burn money on losing causes. A more believable scenario is they are being scammed and conned by the GOP political consultant class in Illinois. The political consultants handsomely profit from political campaigns and the stupidity of donors. They are the best con artists in the state, and the scam is legal.

Darren Bailey is a dangerous demagogue. He is all talk and has no intelligence. As I was writing this in my local saloon yesterday, I saw a Bailey campaign ad on television. Bailey claimed he would ”Ban Abortion” in Illinois, in response to the recent SCOTUS ruling. No matter your opinion on the morality of abortion, his statement is dangerous and reckless. Bailey’s behavior is dictatorial. He is a tyrant in the making. He would disregard the legislature and use his “power” to ban things he does not agree with.

Bailey cannot ban laws the legislature passed. Abortion is legal in Illinois, like it or not. What else would he attempt to ban or initiate without the legislature? Would he ban other rights or privileges granted to us by the legislature or constitution because he does not agree with them, or they do not fit his extremely narrow religious perspective? Does he think he could be the next dear leader dictator, if, by minuscule chance, he is elected?

A vote for Darren Bailey is a vote for tyranny, idiocy, and dumbfu**ery. The evidence is clear since Donald Trump, the epitome of dumbfu**ery, endorsed him yesterday.

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