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It is past time for change

Image: PV Bella

“But to the people who have been so ignorantly silent let me just tell you….YOU STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB…and honestly I pray for your clarity in life. I don’t care how much money you have or how many lies you have to feed yourself to justify what happened to Danny. I can sleep better at night knowing that I actually am a human being and you have no morals in your life…shame on you… But it sickens me at the same time to know for 100% fact that a so-called “leader” Lori Lightfoot and @Superintendent David Brown have not even acknowledged the fact that my husband literally almost lost his life protecting and serving his community.

His life has changed FOREVER and you both don’t even have the decency or respect to acknowledge that?! Wish I could say I’m not surprised at this point but I was hoping you had some sort of heart.

Normally I could care less with these useless politicians have to say. I won’t even type the name of the true problem in our city (cough cough ) because she’s not even worth my breath! but like I said this is personal and I want answers I want to know why I have not heard one single word about this hero and why you are in the positions you are in if you do not have the full support of the Chicago police department?!?

You have divided and separated and ripped away the city more then ever in the history of Chicago!


There needs to be a change!

This is just the beginning.” (Casey Szaflarski/Facebook)

Casey Szaflarski is the fiancé of Police Officer, Daniel Golden, who was shot in the back on July 9th after breaking up a fight in an Mt. Greenwood Bar. He is paralyzed from the waist down and may never walk again.

Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent of Police, “Tex” Brown, never acknowledged his act of preserving the peace and protecting others on his day off. They never once referred to Golden as a hero. They never referred to his attackers as cowards.

There is no leadership in the Chicago Police Department. There is no leadership in City Hall. Daniel Golden did something he did not have to do. Golden did it because it was the right thing to do. A coward shot him in the back after he restored the peace. He served the public on his own dime. Yet, he is merely just another victim in this city of scoundrels. He is just another meaningless statistic to “Tex” Brown. Brown will forget about him at the next daily press conference- excuse me, press availability- when he tells his lies. The dutiful press will ask softball questions as City Hall ordered them to.

Casey Szaflarski is not the only family member to scorch the leadership of the Chicago Police Department. The Brother of Officer Patricia Swank, who committed suicide, scorched Brown and the leadership of the Chicago Police Department during his sister’s eulogy.

Brown and his First Deputy Superintendent do not care about their officers. The officers are nothing more than the equivalent of cannon fodder. The dynamic dumb duo does not care about the officers’ emotional or mental health. The police officers are overworked, with days off being canceled on mere whims. Their families are worried and suffering. Brown and Carter do not care about the officers’ families.

We need a change in police executive leadership. Brown should be fired as soon as yesterday. Eric Carter, the First Deputy Superintendent, should be demoted yesterday.

None of that will happen. Our mayor is out to lunch. Most of the City Council is silent. Chicago is a city in chaos. The city is a foundering ship in a sea of incompetence.

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