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Nothing but failure in the Summer of Joy

A group of over 300 “fun-loving” people blocked the intersection of Monroe and Clinton early Sunday morning for a sideshow- watching cars perform donuts. The fun lovers and racers blocked traffic in four directions. When police arrived, they could not get close as participants assaulted them with fireworks. It took over 30 minutes for enough police to arrive to address the issue.

With traffic blocked, emergency vehicles, like Fire and EMTs, could not get through if there was an emergency or fire in the area. People will suffer or die in the name of people having fun. Emergency utility workers will not get through to make repairs or restore service.

Citizen video/CWB Chicago

These street sideshows are becoming a regular occurrence. There does not appear to be a plan or tactic to halt these dangerous races or the traffic congestion they cause. City Hall and the Chicago Police Department are asleep at the wheel, so to speak.

If the police try to break up these events, there is a potential for a mini riot. Of course, the “fun-loving” people will not be blamed. The riot will be called a “police riot”, as the police “caused” it. There will be questions, like why can’t people just go anywhere they want to have fun, even if it is illegal? What right does the police department have to keep people from having illegal fun?

Over the 4th of July weekend, there were three incidents at sideshows where Chicago police officers and an Illinois State Trooper were attacked, their cars damaged, and in one incident fun-lovers shot fireworks and incendiaries at officers.

These illegal sideshows are more proof the city is out of control. City Hall does not care. The mayor proclaimed a “Summer of Joy.” A Summer of Joy the people will have, no matter how dangerous.

If one of these racers loses control of the vehicle and the person hanging out of the passenger window is injured or killed or it strikes onlookers, a tragedy will occur. The mayor will palaver. Superintendent David “Tex” Brown will give a presser, looking suave and debonair in his body suit fitting uniform, citing meaningless statistics.

Activists will demand the city enact Midnight Sideshows and demand the city order large parking lots to “safely” hold them. People deserve to have fun in the “Summer of joy.” Having fun is a civil and human right in Chicago, no matter how dangerous or illegal it is.

Nothing will change. The lawlessness will continue. Numbers will be collected, crunched, manipulated, and spewed by City Hall and the police department like dog treats to a drooling obedient press. Nothing will be done.

Nothing and failure are business as usual in Chicago.

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