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Futbol vs. fakeball

If you watched the World Cup finals, Argentina vs. France, you saw real athletes playing at the very pinnacle of their game. The game was an exciting nail biter through over 120 minutes of regular play, added minutes, plus two 15 minute overtimes and a penalty shootout because of a tie. Argentina broke the tie during the penalty shootout, winning the cup. France has nothing to be ashamed of. They came from a 2-point deficit to tie and hold on until the very end.

I you watched the Bears yesterday you wasted your time on fake athletes. The McCaskey Ken Dolls lost again. Oh, everyone hyped Justin Fields and his useless stats. Rah, rah, rah, he ran this much, he threw that much. A word to the idiots in sports media, Field’s stats and records are irrelevant and meaningless if the TEAM does not win. Winning is not only everything, It is the only thing. The only thing that counts.

Winning is something the owners, sports media, and the slobbering drooling fans do not care about. They have their one-man god, Justin Fields. He, who does not walk on water because doesn’t want to get his shoes wet.

The Philadelphia Eagles played as a TEAM. It appears they have a SYSTEM. They worked their SYSTEM. They won. The McCaskey Ken Dolls lost. At 3-11, they have the worst record in the NFL this year. But you won’t hear the sports media or the front office say that. To them, losing is success. You know, those useless numbers for the supposed record books.

Today and tomorrow, the Chicago fanboy sports media will gush over how well Fields played. How great he is. They will sing hymns of praise about him. They will write odes to different stats he racked up and his prowess while downplaying the TEAM’s loss.

Coach Matt Eberflus will act like he won too. He will talk about how well his team played and executed plays while glossing over the loss as immaterial. It is how well they played, not winning, that counts to him, the McCaskeys, and the news media fanboys and fangirls.

The McCaskey Bears organization are practitioners of the Chicago Way. “Problem? We don’t got no stinking problem. There are no problems. Everything is going as planned. Wait till next year. We are building. The project is going as planned. Wait, you will see.” They say that every year. Year after year after year. Quarterback after quarterback after quarterback.

Eberflus and his bosses, the McCaskeys, owe the fans a giant a$$ kissing apology for fielding such a horrible team this year. That will never happen. It appears this is all part of their plan. As long as the fan’s a$$es are in the seats, watching television, and buying tons of merchandise, they do not care about winning. The McCaskeys are laughing all the way to the bank. The kachingo$ are all they care about, and they are raking them in big time. They proved you do not have to be a winning team to be a successful. enterprise You just have to own a team and watch those dollars roll in.

When are the sports media and dullard fans going to stop smoking the hopium, wake up, and realize the Bears organization has been shoveling bear scat at them all these years?

When are they going to realize they have been getting ripped off by charlatans and frauds? The NFL is as fake as pro wrestling. The only thing that is real is the money, and it is the only thing the owners care about. Football is a money sport, not an athletic one.

There is no hope for the sports media in Chicago. They are nothing more than cheerleaders. Maybe they are part of the Chicago Way too, the corrupt upside-down system, where wrong is right, right is wrong. Lies are truth, and truths are lies.

When are the fans going to decide enough is enough, abandon the Bears, and become, oh, I don’t know, soccer fans?

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