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Sunday mind drippings

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It is a beautiful winter day in Chicago. There is no ugly, dirty or yellow snow on the ground. It is 49 degrees and sunny. My Uber driver was wearing cargo shorts.

Today is Super Bowl, Sunday, fakeball’s annual con game to bring in big bucks from advertisers and backwoods bark-chewing peckerhead fans. I will not be watching that parlor game.

Basketball and hockey season does not bode well for the Bulls and Hawks. It seems this past year was not good for Chicago teams. Both the Sox and Cubs had lackluster seasons, too. As a Cubs fan, I adhere to the motto, “Wait til next year.” That goes for the Bulls and Hawks too. At least Tony La Russa will not be returning to the White Sox. It was a mistake to hire that miserable washed-up has been.

I keep listening to the mayoral candidates. Not one of them has a short-term plan to make Chicago safer. Most of their solutions are long-term, maybe decades away. In the sort term, they provide very little, except firing David “Tex” Brown. Then what? Aside from criminality, the criminal justice system is broken in Chicago. Kim Foxx refuses to prosecute violent criminals, and judges release violent criminals on low or no bonds and/or the failed electronic monitoring system.

Even if one of the candidates had a solution to crime, it would do no good. If the prosecutors and judges are siding with the criminals, all the policing in the world will not curb violent crime.

I have been following the Chinese balloons imbroglio- Balloongate. The U.S., with the cooperation of the Canadian government, shot down a third balloon over the Yukon. The crazies on the right have their macho panties in a twist because, well, because, um, that’s how they roll. The crazies on the left do not care, as it does not fit in with their political nonsensical narrative.

What should have been the proper response? Laughing at and making fools out of the Chinese government. The Eleventh Commandment is, “Thou shalt not get caught.” China got caught red-handed. (Pun intended) We should make great fun of their feeble attempts. The White House should have brought in some comedy writers and graphic artists to create the government’s response to the failure of the Chinese to keep their operation secret or their failure to build stealth balloons. I mean, Balloongate should be renamed Deflategate, and the administration should turn it into a big joke(s) on China. In these dire ridiculous political times, we all need a good laugh.

I am writing this in my office away from home, my neighborhood saloon. The bar pest is here. He put a lot of dough in the jukebox. All suicide songs- about love and love lost. F**king guy does not have the sense of a gnat. People do not want to hear that crap where alcohol is involved. If he plays Andy Williams, I may have to do something drastic. I hope he does not start talking to me. F**king guy starts in and never stops talking.

Enjoy this weather while it lasts. February can be a cruel month, and we still have a couple of weeks left.

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