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Someone should tell Lightfoot the Bears are leaving

“Nonetheless, all of us die-hard Bears fans, the mayor included, know and believe that the Chicago Bears should remain in Chicago,” the statement read. “So, now that the land deal has closed, we have an even better opportunity to continue making the business case as to why the Bears should remain in Chicago and why adaptations to Soldier Field can meet and exceed all of the Bears’ future needs.”

“There is simply no doubt that the economic benefits for the team of staying in a reimagined Soldier Field significantly outweigh those gained in a move to the suburbs,” it continued. “Due to the Bears’ legal restrictions in the pre-purchase phase, the city was unable to engage in direct negotiations with the Bears while the land was under contract. Now that the deal has been completed, we look forward to negotiating and convincing the Bears that the team’s best future remains in our beloved city of Chicago.” (Lori Lightfoot/NBC Chicago)

The Chicago Bears announced they closed on the former Arlington Heights Racetrack property. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued the above statement shortly after the announcement. She should change her last name to Lighthead. One could wonder if she takes magic mushrooms and lives in an alternate reality.

The Bears fakeball team will leave Chicago. They have been planning this for decades. The Bears queen and her gamboling grandchildren hate Chicago. They are moving out. Good and put a pox on the House of McCaskey.

Worse, the cheapskate chiseling McCaskeys want a 40 year tax assessment freeze. Hopefully there will be push back on that. “When state lawmakers recently created a fund to attract companies to locate in Illinois, they went out of their way to prohibit its use for pro sports teams that relocate within the state… Gov. J.B. Pritzker has also voiced his objection to state subsidies, saying, “It’s not our obligation as the state to step in and provide major funding, and I certainly don’t want to burden taxpayers with, you know, major support for a private business.” (Chicago Tribune)

The Bears already burdened Chicago tax payers. The renovations of Soldier Field cost $690 million. Taxpayers are on the hook for $432 million plus interest of that. We got ripped off.

Lightfoot is delusional if she thinks the McCaskeys will accept any of her pipe dream plans to stay here. Worse, she is like other Bears fans. You know, the typical drooling knuckle dragging, bark chewing backwoods peckerheads. This year, the fakeball team was the worst in the National Fakeball League. The McCaskey’s will reap the same equal share of kachingos from the NFL as the other teams- billions of dollars. Why should they win games or go to the postseason? Why should they draft quality players? Why should they do anything for the fans? They only care about one thing and one thing only, money and the money keeps rolling in.

The McCaskeys are not dumb. The fans are. The McCaskeys will take advantage of them to squeeze as much money from them as possible. Then they may sell the team. The rumor is that is their long-range plan. Rumors, like myths, lore, and conspiracies, have a grain of truth to them.

By the way, the McCaskeys do not live in Chicago. The burbs are where they were born and bred. They live in the burbs and exurbs. They are not our people. They can take their miserable team and its moronic fans and leave. The door should kick them hard in the ass hard on the way out.

Lightfoot should concentrate on the deterioration of Chicago under her watch instead of a bunch of gamboling dotards and their dowager queen grandmother. Public safety is in the toilet. Public transportation is in the toilet. Everything Lightfoot touches gets flushed. She accomplished nothing. Yet, she thinks she can appeal to voters by foolishly appealing to keep the Bears team here. That is not going to happen.

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