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Vote Lightfoot out but change will come slow

Photo: PV Bella

I would like to congratulate Ukraine for holding the Russian Bear at bay for one solid year. They made the Russian army and Vladimir Putin the laughingstock of the world. Too bad world leaders have no sense of humor or the courage to make fun of him and his rag-tag army.

I listened to interviews with Ukrainians. Some were heartbreaking. Most were encouraging. The people showed courage and grit in the face of death and destruction. Russia generated pure hatred for itself. The Ukrainians are determined to drive Russia out of their country. They will fight one way or another to keep Russia from winning.

In Chicago, the war on the streets continues. Crime is still out of control, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is oblivious to the victims. She does not care how many citizens in this city are terrorized, shot, killed, or afraid to walk the streets. This is the worst mayor in my lifetime. People I know are considering getting Concealed Carry Permits or already got one, some I would never think would own, let alone carry a firearm.

One would think when Lightfoot started her reelection campaign, there would be some kind of crackdown. One would think wrong. Things are getting worse. Public transportation is also failing. If it gets worse, it will impact the economy, especially downtown, Michigan Avenue, and Near North. Aside from crime, the trains and busses are filthy, as are the El Stations.

Nothing works in the city that used to work. Lightfoot did more damage in almost three years than any mayor since Big Bill Thompson. Spring and warmer weather will be here soon. The crime will spike and there are no plans in effect to change direction. Superintendent of Police David Brown is an abject failure and has been since day one. The rank and file have no confidence in him or the mayor. When you lose the confidence of the rank and file, you failed them and the city.

Chicago needs new leadership and a big broom to sweep out all of Lightfoot’s failing department heads. The same holds true for the alderpersons, very few who have been vocal about Lightfoot’s failures. Hell, most of them do not deserve another term.

It will take a long time to clean up the disaster created by Lightfoot. The next mayor, no matter who it is, will have their hands full putting out the second Great Chicago Fire Lightfoot will leave behind. They will walk into it wearing a gasoline-soaked coat. Change will come slowly. There are no short-range solutions. Until things turn around, they too will wear the hat, taking the blame for Lightfoot’s disaster.

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