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More mind drippings

Image: PV Bella

We have more Yo-Yo weather here in Chicago. We went from false spring to winter overnight. It appears the weather will Yo-Yo for the next week. Today it i cold, rainy, fugly weather.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, Paczki Day. Paczki Day is celebrated in the Midwest, especially Chicago, by eating fried Polish pastries. My local saloon provided some for the patrons. There is nothing like drinking beer while eating Paczki.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent for many Christians. Easter is nigh. Lent is a time to give things up as we await Holy Week, Holy Thursday (The Last Supper), Good Friday, and finally, Easter. Easter is a day of feasting, usually on ham or lamb, and sides. It is also a seasonal shift. I hope the Yo-Yo weather will not follow through.

Image: PV Bella

Before Easter is St. Patrick’s Day. This year it is on a Friday, which means a three-day weekend for amateur drinkers and pukers. The fake Irish bars and others will be filled with revelers showing why too many people should not drink. Much corned beef and cabbage will be consumed too. I will cook corned beef along with colcannon, as I do most years.

The Chicago mayor’s race is tightening up. So far it is a three-way race Between Paul Vallas, Lori Lightfoot, and Chuy Garcia. Willie Wilson is in a strong fourth place. Whoever beats Lightfoot will inherit a broken city. She resorted to calling one candidate a racist and attacked others with similar ugly smears. When you do not have a record of accomplishment to run on, you break out the dog whistles.

If Lightfoot ekes by, she will complete her destruction of our once great city. As a lifelong resident, I am devastated by how Lightfoot destroyed Chicago in her 3-plus years as mayor. It is heartbreaking. Lightfoot has no accomplishments to brag about. She is the worst mayor in my lifetime.

The leader of the United Soviet Republic of Florida, Ron DeSantis, came to the Chicago burbs to talk about law enforcement, a subject he, like most politicians, knows nothing about. He also injected his warped ideas on education, another topic he knows little about. If Lightfoot was smart (Doubtful), she would have intercepted his plane at the airport with Chicago and Illinois State Police and their SWAT teams. She would have escorted DeSantis and his entourage to a bus at gunpoint. The bus would take them to, I don’t know, maybe the middle of Detroit, and leave them there.

My political position on social and cultural issues is to leave me the f**k alone and I will leave you the f**k alone. Live and let live. That is what a free country is supposed to be. Both sides of the political spectrum are trying to either impose their wills on us or take away our rights, especially the extremist ends of the spectrum. Politicians have no right to dictate morals and values to us. Especially the Christer preachers, who do not practice what they preach. As the Great Comedian’s Son said, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Those mackerel-snapping preacher politicians probably do more he-in and she-in, he-in- and he-in, she-in and she-in, and me-in and me-in than most normal people. What a bunch of lowlife hypocrites. It is like the People of Walmart took over our government.

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