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Shhh do not demonize do not say mayhem

Image: PV Bella

“It is unacceptable and has no place in our city. However, it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” (Brandon Johnson/Chicago Tribune)

Over the warm weekend, hordes of young people descended on Millennium Park and downtown. They disrupted traffic, jumped on and damaged cars, got in fights and two young people were shot. Police had to help escort terrorized citizens and tourists away from the area for their protection.

Mayor elect Brandon Johnson weighed in on the criminal activity. Evidently Johnson is not as educated as he claims. His vocabulary is lacking. There is a difference between blaming people for misconduct and demonizing them.

Since when is blame and accountability demonization? In our new world we are not allowed to blame- demonize?- parents for their children’s criminal activities. That is a big no-no. Parents are not to be held accountable for the children they do not control.

So, who is at fault? Who is responsible for the reprehensible behavior of young people? Who is responsible for the damage to vehicles, other property, and the victims of violent acts? Who do we blame? The PEOPLE WHO CAUSED AND DID IT.

Johnson showed Chicago his views on crime and mayhem. It is acceptable for people allegedly denied opportunities in their communities to commit crimes and acts of violence. It is not their fault. They are blameless. Where does he draw a line? What about the smash and grab looters? Are they entrepreneurs denied opportunities? What about the drug dealers? What about the gangs? What about the carjackers? What about armed robbers?

All people have the right to go downtown for an evening, even in groups. No one has a right to commit crimes, violence, mayhem, or cause disturbances. Those are the young people being blamed not demonized. There is no harm in casting blame where it is deserved.

Johnson claims improving public safety is one of his goals. His statement proves, like Mayor Lori Lightfoot, he does not care about public safety. He cares about the tender sensitive feelings of criminals.

He is not alone. Illinois state senator Robert Peters stated it was “a mass protest against poverty and segregation… I would look at the behavior of young people as a political act and statement.”

By the way, Mayor Lightfoot chastised some in the news media for referring to the events as “Mayhem.”

If this is not mayhem, I do not know what the new definition is.

Then there was this mayhem.

There were probably more incidents like these we have not learned about yet.

There is something very wrong with public officials condoning criminal activity. But, if they are not victims, there is no crime. There is another term no longer used for these events, wilding. It is exactly what this was, a wilding.

“The mayhem happening downtown and at the 31st St. Beach is appalling. No other community abdicates parental responsibility for their children. None. Until parents collectively take back control of their homes — nothing will change.” (Alderperson Pat Dowell/Twitter)

Alderperson Dowell is the voice of reason, sanity, and reality. Several other public figures and businesspeople condemned the mob action. A few of the so-called progressive- whatever that means- aldercritters condemned the police and their command for being unprepared. More over educated idiots. How do you prepare for a spontaneous incident? Geez, universities and colleges should negate the degrees of public officials who make such inane statements.

It looks like it will be a long problematic summer and maybe four years. The incoming mayor showed his true colors. He does not care about public safety. He does not care about the damaging reputation of the tourist and business areas. He does not care or love Chicago. He only cares about collecting a paycheck and pleasing his master, Machine Boss Toni Preckwinkle, the de facto mayor of Chicago.

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