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Get off my lawn

Photo: PV Bella

First, the good news. The totally incompetent States Attorney, Kim Foxx, is not running for reelection. She is one of the key drivers of violent crime in Chicago through her refusal to prosecute felonies or use plea deals to lower felonies to misdemeanors. She leaves behind no legacy and there is nothing for her to be proud of. There for us to be proud of her. She is an abject failure.

The Invisible Activist, Tio Hardiman crawled out of his hiding place to promote himself and is violence interruption scam over the death of an infant due to apparent child abuse. He rambled on to a few people at a press conference he called. It was surprising the media showed up to listen to this charlatan and fraud. Where was the Invisible activist’s voice in the past three years when numbers of infants and toddlers were shot and killed on the streets or in their homes? Nowhere.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed Democrats over violent crime. She wants them to take it seriously and start holding criminals accountable. Nice, after she cowardly caved into Machine Boss and de facto next mayor, Toni Preckwinkle, on her way out, she is concerned about Democrats holding people accountable. May 15th cannot come fast enough.

As to the wildings, which will happen again when the weather warms up, it is past time to hold the perpetrators and their parents accountable. We should force parents to pay restitution for any damage by minors and the perpetrators should face criminal charges. Oh, and yes, they should be demonized after they are blamed, contrary to Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson’s claim.

Mayor Elect Brandon Johnson made a promise to make Chicago safe. He should be held accountable for his promise. If he fails, the electorate should demand he resign. We do not need another disastrous mayor and more bloodshed.

Former gubernatorial loser, Darren Baily and a few other downstate legislators trash-talked Chicago. I was born and live here. I have every right to trash-talk my city based on knowledge. Those good ole boys from medieval villages should worry about their own problems. Oh, and they should stay out of our city. If they come here, they should be forced to return to their medieval villages or be bused to Florida.

Darren Baily went to Mara Lago to meet his Lord and Savior, Donald Trump. He was looking for salvation, a blessing, support, a miracle, and kachingos. He announced he is running for Congress. Just what the country needs, another Politician of Walmart in D.C.

As I write this in the saloon, my office away from home, the saloon pest is talking my ear off. I can’t get rid of him, no matter how long I ignore him. Geez, if he is that lonely, he should get a pet or a lady friend. Yak, yak, yak, yak, he never shuts the f**k up. Geez, he never even takes a breath. I am convinced he is a droid.

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