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Cops migrants horses and a king

“Out-of-town candidates who have a vision of transformation and can relate to the rank-and-file — whose jobs are the toughest — ought to get the inside track over CPD veterans.”

“He (or she) doesn’t know Chicago,” should not be a deal-breaker. Candidates with the right attitude, energy and big-city experience can overcome that.” (Sun-Times/Emphasis mine)

How soon they forget “He or she doesn’t know Chicago should not be a deal breaker?” Um, maybe the Sun-Times Editorial Board’s memory is short, or they lost their collective minds. They forgot the total fiasco of David “Tex” Brown from day one to the day he walked out the door. They never once criticized Brown’s disastrous management of the police department.

The people have spoken and are speaking. During all the meetings with that wordy mouthful commission, the citizens demand a member of the Chicago Police Department to be superintendent. I guess the Sun-Tines does not care what the citizens of this city demand. They are part of the same Chicago media cabal who sat like obedient stenos faithfully recording and reporting David Brown’s lies day after day.

The rank and file of the department needs someone at the top who they can trust and respect. A person who knows them and who they know. Chicago needs someone who knows the city and the neighborhoods. We do not need some supposed “qualified”- whatever that means- mercenary, an alien from someplace else who cannot get running from day one.

“Stop playing whack-a-mole” and disrupting neighborhoods, Ald. Maria Hadden told the Sun-Times. “We need central locations. We need large spaces,” such as McCormick Place, Navy Pier or shuttered big-box stores.” (Sun-Times)

We all understand the frustration over the massive influx of legal immigrants to Chicago from Texas. However, commandeering McCormick Place, Navy Pier, or shuttered big box stores will present legal and economic challenges. The city cannot just walk in and take over these spaces. In the words of Emilio “The Wolf” Barzini, “After all, we are not communists.” (The Godfather)

Again, what the city and state should do is go to federal court or demand the Department of Justice go into federal court to get an emergency stay to stop Texas governor Greg Abbott from kidnapping/trafficking these people. Our city and state politicians are cowards and not the brightest bulbs.

The Chicago media cabal is silent on demanding the federal government take legal action against the Texas Führer over his racist strategy.

On a lighter note, the Kentucky Derby, AKA Amish NASCAR, ran yesterday. Mage, a 15 to 1 long shot, won. The horse ran the 1 1/4 miles in 2:01.57. Several horses died in the lead-up to the race. According to the Chicago Tribune, the horse paid $32.42, $14.58 and $9.08.

The seventy-something-year-old who lived on his mother’s dime for decades finally got a job. Charles and Camilla, his side chick wife, were coronated the King and Queen of England in an over-the-top ornate medieval welcome to the company ceremony. Geez, one would think a handshake and getting to work on time would be enough. It looked like Halloween, with all those silly costumes. I wonder if they went trick or treating and bobbing for apples after the ceremony.

My only question is, why the formerly oppressed Americans are so fascinated with that coronation? We kicked the Brits’ arses out of here. Why should we care about the royals of our former colonizers?

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