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A muddle of topics


I have been busy the past couple of weeks. I would like to thank all the people who came to my photo exhibition, Chicago in Black and White, over the weekend. I sold some pieces and prints. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 PM. It is at TF Projects/The Dime 1513 N. Western Avenue.

I do not delve into national politics too often. I am a jaded cynic. I believe that both political parties are two wings of the same predator, the pterodactyl. However, I am amused by the woke vs. anti-woke performative politicians and their acolytes and activists. The anti-works are some of the best comedians. They should hit the road performing at comedy clubs. They use some weird form of supposed made-up American Christianity to justify their ridiculous positions and enact laws banning this and that. They are terrified that wokism is destroying civilization.

It is apparent the extreme mackerel snappers never read the Bible. God is the greatest cause of death and destruction in history and the universe. Murders, wars, pestilence disease, slavery, natural disasters, and every other thing to destroy mankind and civilization. He created the earth and then created man. The earth and its flora, fauna, and microbes were specifically designed to kill off the human race, and civilization. God, the Great Comedian, just sits up there and laughs.

The fish lips also never read or forgot “Theology for Idiots.” God created humans in his own image. Therefore, all the people attacking others are attacking God. Funny how that good old-fashioned American Christianity fraud works, isn’t it?

The woke side is no better. It is not enough for them to point out the social flaws. They try to force people to their way of supposed thinking or destroy their lives. It is past time for someone with intelligence to take these two groups and slam their heads together until they see the errors of their ways.

Look, we may believe whatever we want. We can and should debate in a collegial fashion. However, we do not have a right to impose those beliefs on others or enact laws that deny the existence of others. Further, there is no right or responsibility to destroy people’s lives if they believe or express different beliefs or do not conform to some fake morality. Only tyranny allows that, which is what the extremists on the left and right are becoming.

People were posting “Happy D-Day” on social media. There is no happiness in celebrating the 4,413 souls lost that day. Geez, people are really stupid. It proves that the Great Comedian is right to try and keep trying to kill off humans. We are a disgrace to His divine artistry and creativity.

Chicago suffered another citywide violent crime weekend. It appears City Hall has no plan to curb the violence. They have excuses, excusing the violent criminals claiming they are traumatized and victims of something or other. We should pity them instead of punishing them. Our politicians are dumber than the Chicago voters who elect them.

Almost every day, the Chicago boosters, City Hall, and the local news media keep hyping the upcoming NASCAR street race in Chicago. Me, I hope it is a monumental failure and few people attend. Please, please do not go to this stupid event. Chicago city streets are not designed for this idiocy. Worse, the rest of the city has to be inconvenienced and there will be traffic woes. We could and should hope this event never ever happens again in Chicago. Never ever is a long, long time.

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