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Oops. There she goes

Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged Black residents to support her campaign for reelection or risk losing the seat and told people who don’t support her not to vote in a vivid display of the city’s racial politics Saturday at a Grand Crossing neighborhood church.. “Any vote coming from the South Side for somebody not named Lightfoot is a vote for Chuy Garcia or Paul Vallas,” Lightfoot said, naming the only Latino and white challengers in the race… “If you want them controlling your destiny, then stay home. Then don’t vote. But we’ve got to do better.” (Chicago Tribune/Emphasis mine)

Oops. There she goes. Mayor Lori Lightfoot put her foot in her mouth again. After the immediate critical responses from her challengers, she flip-flopped, again. Maybe she could be the next rep for one of the many companies that manufacture those sandals.

The damage is done. Reading her remarks harkens back to the days of voter suppression of people of color. How dare she tell the people who shed blood, lost lives, marched, and rallied for the right to vote? How dare she tell anyone in this city not to vote?

Not so curious, neither one of our supposed newspapers ran an editorial castigating the mayor for her irresponsible rhetoric. It proves the point that journalism is on life support in Chicago.

Chicago is not Black, White, or Hispanic. It is a rich stew of multi-ethnicity and race. The mayor’s office does not belong to one particular race or ethnicity. It belongs to all of us and anyone who has the will to take on the job, regardless of race or ethnicity. Lightfoot failed this city. There has been little improvement during her time in office. The city is worse off now than it was when she was elected. It is time for her to go.

No one should vote for a candidate because of race, ethnicity, or to make history. People should vote for the candidate they believe will do the best for all of us. The candidate who will listen to all our voices. Lightfoot is not that candidate. Her comments were divisive, damaging, and hurtful.

Lightfoot finally proved to all that she does not deserve another term. Her flip flopping on her comments was disingenuous and insulting to all Chicagoans. So, to all people, get out and vote. Vote the disastrous Lightfoot out.

One thing I learned in my 52 years of voting . All candidates say one thing during their campaigns. They usually do the opposite on most while in office. Lightfoot was no different. Neither are all the other candidates running against her. We hold their jobs in our hands. When they get elected, reality sets in. Their pipe dreams go out the window when they have to grapple with actual problems daily.

Below are comments from some of her challengers. Source: Chicago Tribune.

“This is disqualifying rhetoric for anyone hoping to lead a Chicago that is a multiracial and multiethnic city,” Garcia said. “We need unity not division.”

Cook County commissioner Brandon Johnson’s campaign also responded.

“Another mayoral challenger, businessman Willie Wilson, also criticized Lightfoot for what he said were “race baiting” comments.”

“Mayor Lightfoot’s comments are delusional, divisive, dangerous, and disappointing!” Wilson said in a statement. “Our city deserves a mayor that does not use race to divide us.”

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